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US Instrumental Psych Rockers EL SUPREMO Announce New Album; First Single Out Now

US-based psychedelic rockers EL SUPREMO have announced their new album, “Signor Morte Improvvisa,” set for release by ARGONAUTA Records on July 26. Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows: Breadwinner Gravecraft Solitario Signor Morte Improvvisa The first single, “Gravecraft” released today: El Supremo was originally formed as a one-man project[…]

French Prog Doomgazers DISLIMN Sign To Octopus Rising; New Video Out Now

French Prog Doomgazers DISLIMN sign to Octopus Rising to release their debut EP “Esmee”. “We are DISLIMN, a quite unusual three-piece Prog Doomgaze with Nordic music influences. As an emerging band, we are very fortunate to be collaborating with Argonauta Records and its new imprint Octopus Rising for our first[…]

Austrian Epic Doom Death Metal Act ENDONOMOS Announces New Album; First Single Out Now

Austrian epic Doom Metal band Endonomos announces new album. On their second album Endonomos (expected as an early Autumn release) refined their sound, going deeper and more eclectic in their particular vision of Doom Metal. Recorded, mixed and mastered once again at DeepDeepPressure Studios, the album delivers thick riffs, epic melodies, uncanny chord progressions,[…]

Italian Psychedelic Doomsters MEIFU Sign To Argonauta Records; New Single Out Now

Italian Psychedelic Doomsters MEIFU sign to Argonauta Records to release their debut album “Haunted Dreams”. “Haunted Dreams” album merges transformative themes with immersive music, blending massive bass, hermetic guitars, and tribal drumming with ritualistic vocals.” – says the band Meantime, MEIFU‘s new single “Turkish Kraken” out now and available here: Meifu were born in January 2019[…]

German Stoner Rockers TRANSONIC SCIENCE Unveil Full Album Details for ‘Psychobulb’; New Single Out Now

Pioneers of German stoner rock, TRANSONIC SCIENCE, unveil ‘Psychobulb’ full album details; album set to release on May 3rd via Argonauta Records.   The 9 songs on the forthcoming LP ‘Psychobulb’ show once again that Transonic Science are still very much at home in the stoner rock genre, but are also a band that explores[…]

German Mystical Black Metal Project LILJEVARS BRANN Sign To Octopus Rising

Liljevars Brann is elated to announce their forthcoming collaboration with Octopus Rising (an Argonauta Trademark). This partnership signifies both the first chapter of Liljevars Brann and Octopus Rising. Sjelvindur and Kristjan, the driving forces behind Liljevars Brann, express their enthusiasm for this venture, stating: “We eagerly anticipate unveiling our debut[…]

Italian Heavy Rockers SBARCO Signs With Argonauta Records; First Single Out Now

Italian heavy rock trio SBARCO has signed a deal with Argonauta Records for the release of its debut album. Today also marks the release of the first single “The Landing” as an official music video, giving listeners a taste of what’s to come: “We’re excited to collaborate with Argonauta Records[…]

Italian Instrumental Post Rockers REPETITA IUVANT Are Set to Release their Two-Songs EP This Spring

Post Rock Instrumentalists REPETITA IUVANT set all details for their new and intense two-songs EP titled “√2”.   At the basis of the improvisation work of the band, there is an equation of mathematics that starts with 3, the first episode, the perfect number and all its facets. Then move on to the second ep,[…]

Finland’s Stoner Rockers KING OF NONE Unveil Full Album Details for ‘In the Realm’; New Single Out Now

KING OF NONE’s new album ‘In the Realm’ will be released on April 26th, 2024, via Argonauta Records. Today is the day the band unveils the full album details and new single. “In the Realm” album tracklisting and cover art are as follows: 1. Speeder Approaching 2. ⁠Low’n’Slow 3. ⁠dpd[…]

New Zealand Stoner/Sludge Project DIONIZE Signs with Argonauta Records; New Single Out Now

DIONIZE, the New Zealand Stoner/Sludge project, has signed with Argonauta Records. To celebrate the signing, DIONIZE has released a new single titled ‘God Damn,’ which can be heard on Argonauta Records’ official YouTube channel: Dionize – (Pronounced dye-a-nyze; Rhymes with Dying Eyes) Adam Farr, better known by his stage name Dionize, is a New[…]