German Stoner Rockers TRANSONIC SCIENCE Unveil Full Album Details for ‘Psychobulb’; New Single Out Now

Argonauta Records


German Stoner Rockers TRANSONIC SCIENCE Unveil Full Album Details for ‘Psychobulb’; New Single Out Now

Pioneers of German stoner rock, TRANSONIC SCIENCE, unveil ‘Psychobulb’ full album details; album set to release on May 3rd via Argonauta Records.


The 9 songs on the forthcoming LP ‘Psychobulb’ show once again that Transonic Science are still very much at home in the stoner rock genre, but are also a band that explores sonic landscapes beyond its boundaries: High-energy rock meets heavy psych. Rough grunge parts mix with psychedelic laid back passages. TS plays unruly, wild, loud. Gladly with fuzz, as long as it still bangs. TS has always been a band that thinks about sounds and songs – and that with Ergün has the singer you immediately hear among thousands – with his own way of creating hooks and how he condenses sound into raw energy. On ‘Psychobulb’, you can rediscover all this.
‘Psychobulb’ is one of Transonic Science‘s best albums to date. It is an expression of everything the band has experienced together and pulls you back with force into the world of the heavy rock underground, where one thing has always counted: Showing corners and edges and pushing where energy and feeling want to be set free.


‘Psychobulb’ tracklisting and cover art are as follows:



  1. Fear of God
  2. Stereo One
  3. Kain & Abel
  4. Cherokee Smith
  5. Scarscraper
  6. Wildest Frame
  7. Dusty
  8. Satellite Blues
  9. Jaycoon


Today is also the day TRANSONIC SCIENCE release their new single, entitled ‘Kain & Abel’, now streaming here:



The point of “Kain & Abel” is that good and evil will always fight each other. This is how they keep each other alive and ensure that they – good and evil – will always exist.


The main riff of the song was written years ago when bassist and co-founder Gerald was still alive. After his death it was a matter of heart for the rest of the band to take that riff and create a new song around it that Gerald would have liked. So it’s heavy, it’s simple but intense and it’s meant to be played loud. The audience loved it at Transonic Science‘s live shows and the band was very happy to be able to transfer the song’s energy to the recording.


Transonic Science, pioneers of the German stoner rock scene since 1997, have left an indelible mark on the music landscape. Their journey began with the EP “Sunshine Baby Home” in 2001, featuring the standout track “Solar Love,” earning recognition from Visions magazine. Over the years, they’ve shared stages with renowned acts like Dozer, Girls Against Boys, and Blackmail, solidifying their presence in the industry. The band faced challenges, including the loss of co-founder Gerald Kirsch in 2018, but found renewed strength through a tribute concert, inviting bassist Manuel Estrada into the fold.

In 2020, Transonic Science made a powerful comeback, gearing up for their upcoming LP “Psychobulb,” set for release in early 2024. This album showcases their evolution, blending high-energy rock with heavy psych, grunge elements, and psychedelic interludes. Led by the distinctive vocals of Ergün Aktürk, Transonic Science promises an electrifying experience, channeling raw energy into their music. “Psychobulb” encapsulates the band’s collective experiences, inviting listeners back into the world of heavy rock underground, where authenticity, energy, and emotion reign supreme.
Line up:


Ergün Aktürk: Vocals
Peter Begerow: Drums
Markus Bongardt: Guitars
Manuel Estrada: Bass