ANCIENT VVISDOM – Master of the Stone

Argonauta Records


ANCIENT VVISDOM – Master of the Stone

  • Release date: 2024-01-26
  • Label: Argonauta Records
  • Catalog #: REX2401

Following their latest opus “Mundus” (2019), Nathan Opposition and Michael Jochum – from the US-occult rock/metal band – present their most comprehensive work to date.

Ancient Vvisdom provides the world of occult rock and doom metal with another exquisite record to satisfy their demonic and satanic cravings with.

For fans of: Danzig, Midnight, Venom, Budgie, White Zombie, Baroness, Ghost, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Ringworm, Nunslaughter, Pentagram, The Obsessed, Trouble, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, Cathedral & Demon Head.