French Prog Doomgazers DISLIMN Sign To Octopus Rising; New Video Out Now

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French Prog Doomgazers DISLIMN Sign To Octopus Rising; New Video Out Now

French Prog Doomgazers DISLIMN sign to Octopus Rising to release their debut EP “Esmee”.

“We are DISLIMN, a quite unusual three-piece Prog Doomgaze with Nordic music influences. As an emerging band, we are very fortunate to be collaborating with Argonauta Records and its new imprint Octopus Rising for our first ever EP ‘Esmee’. We discovered the label after seeing one of their resident artists, Witchorious, performing at the Supersonic, in Paris. We immediately connected with their artistic direction and their way of communication. What can be said, other than that we are very excited to release in their company our single “Anxiety” today and our EP “Esmee” on the 7th of June.” – says the band

“Anxiety” is now available here:

Band comments on the single:
“Anxiety” is the first track on our EP. With this track, we wanted to highlight the place anxiety can take in a person’s daily life. We’ve composed and wrote it as a constant evolution, as if Anxiety’s process of manipulation was divided into several stages. Here, we’ve personified anxiety, giving it a voice. It hides its true nature, only to fully reveal itself at the end of the track, underlining the fact that Esmee (our main character) has no reason to exist in this world whatsoever..

We’ve produced the clip with the same spirit. We’ve edited the video shots so that they are getting shorter and shorter, building a tension that is contributing to the anxious feeling that we want to communicate to the viewer. We really wanted to make them understand that Esmee (Here performed by Juline Thibaut) is losing the battle, losing control until giving up to anxiety, which is the reason why, at the end of the video, she is the one saying the last sentence “You don’t belong here”, as if anxiety was speaking in her stead.

Our singer, Alix, is battling anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety every day. She wanted, like therapy, to free herself from this weight by expressing her feelings and putting words about what she is going through with these crises. For her, anxiety is like a person who lives inside her and dictates her thoughts.”

With a rich musical experience and hungry for more, Alix, Basile and Florent joined forces in 2022 to form DISLIMN. The project’s soundscape melds the hypnotic resentment of progressive, heavy rock and doom with the nebulous nuances of Scandinavian melodies. The guitars provide a solid ground, mixing power with finesse, relying on catchy riffs and repetitive grooves. The rhythmic anchor, combining drums and percussion, creates a strong support, mentoring through the musical universe of this first EP. To pierce this instrumental plateau, the percussive, melodious vocals invite on a journey between revolt and resilience, while merging styles.