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Italian Post Grungers BURN THE OCEAN sign with ARGONAUTA Records; new song and video out now

Genoa-based Post Grunge Rockers BURN THE OCEAN announce to have inked a deal with ARGONAUTA Records for their new album to be released by early 2023. Burn The Ocean’s sound is often described as modern, fresh, heavy yet organic and intimate. You can easily find the band jumping from a[…]

US Instrumental Psych Rockers EL SUPREMO reveal full album details; first single streaming now

Fargo (ND) US-based Psychedelic Rockers EL SUPREMO reveal full details of their highly anticipated new album “Acid Universe”, to be released by ARGONAUTA Records on February 24th. After their critically acclaimed full length “Clarity Through Distortion” (2019), the band continued with its strong line-up featuring Chad Heille on drums, Neal[…]

Irish Post Metal Sludgers RAUM KINGDOM reveal album details; new video out now

Irish Post Metal Sludge Doomsters RAUM KINGDOM, after their critically acclaimed debut “Everything & Nothing”, announce full details of their sophomore album entitled “Monarch”. Grateful and humbled by the inundation of positive reviews and attention from music critics, webzines and fans from across the globe, haunting, fearful, Raum Kingdom continue[…]

Dutch Stoner Doom Rockers PANDER new album to be released by ARGONAUTA Records; single “Earth’s Face” is now streaming

Netherlands-based Stoner Metal force PANDER announce the agreement with ARGONAUTA Records to release their new album “Break The Oath” by early 2023. Since 2011 Pander – set up in the Frisian Netherlands – brings on their heavy loaded dirt. Debut demo GO (2012) came forward with effective forthright stoner metal.[…]

Psychedelic Rock Trio AKTOPASA signs with Argonauta Records; full length coming in December

Space Psychedelic act AKTOPASA announce their deal with Argonauta Records. This three-men band was formed at the end of 2017 in the Venetian hinterland by Marco Sebastiano Alessi (Drums), Lorenzo Barutta (lead guitar) and Silvio Tozzato (bass guitar). ‘Aktopasa’ (or ‘अक्टोपस’, if you prefer) means octopus in Nepalese. Nepal is[…]

Finnish Occult Rockers CIMINERO reveal new album details; first single out now!

Following their much acclaimed, 2019-debut Subterranean Awakening, recorded just 5 months after the band’s first rehearsal, Helsinki-based CIMINERO reveal full details of their anticipated new album “Shadows Digging the Grave”.   Ciminero play a heavy mixture of doom and occult rock, delivered with captivating melodies and psychedelic moments. The band is a[…]

Finnish Heavy Rockers VOID CRUISER announce new album “Call of the Void”

Void Cruiser is a heavy alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band has been evolving since 2011 and developed their sound into a distinctive mixture of 90s grunge and heavy rock, with some taste of desert rock, post metal and shoegaze. Void Cruiser delivers vast soundscapes and unrelenting riffage[…]

Psychedelic Doom Rock Force THAMMUZ announces full album details; first single out now!

Netherlands‘ stoner rockers Thammuz announce full details of their sophomore album “Sons of the Occult”, to be released via Argonauta Records by October 28! Sons of the Occult has stoner and doom influences, but also psychedelic rock and grunge. The lyrics and album are inspired by alienating and psychotic individuals[…]

GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN reveal full album details; sharing first single and video!

After their stellar and acclaimed performance at WOA 2022 which generated a lot of resonance within the scene, Leipzig-based heavy psych and instrumental trance rock band GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN reveal full details of their highly anticipated new album EXODUS. Following their impressive self-titled debut, the band returns with a[…]

Industrial Noise Metal Act INFECTION CODE Announces New Album “Alea Iacta Est” & Shares First Song and Music Video!

Formed in 1999, with their brutal blend of electronica noise, industrial and thrash metal avant-gardes, Infection Code ever since belongs to one of Italy’s fore-fronting extreme metal acts and became an integral part of the heavy music scene. Following the band’s latest, much acclaimed record IN.R.I. (2019), today, the four-piece announced to return with[…]