Finland’s Stoner Rockers KING OF NONE Unveil Full Album Details for ‘In the Realm’; New Single Out Now

Argonauta Records


Finland’s Stoner Rockers KING OF NONE Unveil Full Album Details for ‘In the Realm’; New Single Out Now

KING OF NONE’s new album ‘In the Realm’ will be released on April 26th, 2024, via Argonauta Records. Today is the day the band unveils the full album details and new single.

“In the Realm” album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
1. Speeder Approaching
2. ⁠Low’n’Slow
3. ⁠dpd
4. ⁠Thousand Light Year Stare
5. ⁠Lizards for Brains
6. ⁠For the Ride
7. ⁠Snail Trail
8. ⁠The Man Who Bought the Multiverse
9. ⁠Crab Nebula

“‘In the Realm’ is our most ambitious undertaking yet, bringing you nine tracks of our most well-crafted riffs, melodies and mayhem. The production process was lengthy and difficult, and also challenged us to go further than ever before, taking our sounds to new heights. The end result is something we’re immensely proud of.

Each song became unique and could have been released as a single, and although the album features a variety of moods, emotions and styles within the genre we loosely represent, the entirety remains solid and coherent.
This is our first album to be released as vinyl. We’re grateful to Argonauta Records for helping us out with the release, we have benefited immensely from their knowledge and contributions.” – says the band

The new single ‘Lizards for Brains’ has been released and is now available here.

”The third single is a blend of heavy riffs and sweet melodies but also includes some prog twists! With lyrics inspired by our practice regime and the monotony of daily routines, the song builds up and ends with a surprising change to the chorus. Also features some of our trademark soloing and raspy vocals to keep your limbic system in fight-or-flight mode!” – musicians explain.

KING OF NONE is a stoner rock group from Helsinki, Finland. Formed in 2013, their signature sound fuses heavy riffs and raspy vocals with progressive elements and psychedelic soundscapes. The band retains all its original members from its inception: Miiro Kärki (vocals), Patrick Enckell (drums), Juho Aarnio (bass), Aleksi Kärkkäinen (guitar) and Juha Pääkkö (guitar). With three self-released EPs, the group’s sound has evolved from having a 90s desert stoner rock feel to include more wide-ranging psychedelic and progressive influences from their own musical pasts, while maintaining the same riff-worshipping attitude. They have received attention locally and internationally in the underground stoner rock scene and become known for their energetic and captivating live performances.