Austrian Epic Doom Death Metal Act ENDONOMOS Announces New Album; First Single Out Now

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Austrian Epic Doom Death Metal Act ENDONOMOS Announces New Album; First Single Out Now

Austrian epic Doom Metal band Endonomos announces new album. On their second album Endonomos (expected as an early Autumn release) refined their sound, going deeper and more eclectic in their particular vision of Doom Metal. Recorded, mixed and mastered once again at DeepDeepPressure Studios, the album delivers thick riffs, epic melodies, uncanny chord progressions, cavernous growls as well as captivating clean vocals.

The first single “Hostile”, boasting at almost 9 minutes length, is a highly melodic doom monolith, dealing with the inherently ill-disposed nature of life towards each other, and features guest vocals by Daniel Droste of German Doom Spearheads AHAB. Listen here:

Press about the band’s debut self-titled album, released in 2022 via Argonauta Records:
“Their self-titled debut album is our very first look at what this doom-death four piece is all about, offering six sprawling tracks of heavy riffs and vocals that range from hellacious grunts to soaring cleans” – Distorted Sound

“Cruel, distorted chords abrade the senses and the kick drum punches hard. The lead guitar slithers like a serpent and wails like a siren. The riffing jolts, and the words come in gritty cavernous growls and agonized howls. Misery flows through the music, but even here the wailing melody seduces the senses with its beseeching tones.” – No Clean Singing

“If this is just the first step for this band, then I can only imagine that the very future will see the name of Endonomos regularly should it pursue and live up to the expectations that were laid forth excellently in this marvel of a record.” – Headbanger Reviews

ENDONOMOS is the brainchild of Austrian multi-instrumentalist, producer and session musician Lukas Haidinger, who is mostly known for playing extreme metal in bands such as Profanity, Nervecell, Distaste and many more, but as a longtime doomer, he finally brought his sinister yet melodic sound to tape.