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Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) founded From Oceans to Autumn in the summer of 2006 — shortly after laying to rest their previous band, Autumn Is Forever, which had a long run between 1997 and 2004. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina. From Oceans To Autumn’s main influences are City Of Caterpillar,[…]


VAREGO = taken from an ancient word of the Ligurian territory (land in the North of Italy, where the band comes from, one of the most inspiring peninsula landscapes, with mountains close to the sea) whose meaning relates to the plant Euphorbia, typical of the region, with both therapeutic and[…]

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From Oceans to Autumn manage to be personal and never predictable. A record that will make good for the brain, heart and soul.

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There are 4 songs on Varego ‘Blindness of the Sun’ and from opening track ‘Hesperian’ onwards it becomes clear that this 5-piece of Italians are here to mean business. And with that I mean heavy sludge business. There’s some heavy riffing going on and some very interesting tempo changes. The[…]

New signing: SHABDA

Argonauta Records is proud to announce the signing of the Ritual Drone Doom band SHABDA! Formed in 2012 in northern Italy by Anna Airoldi, Marco Castagnetto and Riccardo Fassone, who had previously worked together in Thee Maldoror Kollective, Shabda has started crafting meditative, repetitive sounds, with the aim to fuse[…]

New signing: HOLLOW LEG

U.S. sludge monsters HOLLOW LEG will have a worldwide re-release of their album “Instinct” under the flag of ARGONAUTA Records. The band, a duo now quartet, is an enormously toned groove engine hailing from the highways between Deland and Jacksonville, Florida. Their first full length, Instinct, as a duo of[…]

shipping worldwide!

shipping worldwide!

Bacheca Facebook di Argonauta Records 2013-11-07 08:16:38 Oceans To AutumnMountains Among Us, featuring members of FOTA will enter the studio next month to record there new album! Please like their page!

Only five days for the release date of our three new releases! Here you can find…

Only five days for the release date of our three new releases! Here you can find our advertising into Decibel Magazine Dec 5th issue!

Bacheca Facebook di Argonauta Records 2013-11-06 15:16:56

From Oceans to Autumn – A Perfect Dawn (2013)
From Oceans to Autumn – A Perfect Dawn (2013)