US Stoner/Doomsters SHADOW WITCH Returns With The New Album; New Single Out Now

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US Stoner/Doomsters SHADOW WITCH Returns With The New Album; New Single Out Now

2024 should be one helluva year for Shadow Witch, given the potency of their upcoming fourth release, “Eschaton (The End Of All Things)”, coming on ARGONAUTA Records.

[@David LaMay] Those already familiar with the band’s signature mix of dark 70’s hard rock, doom, stoner, and hints of proto-punk will absolutely not be disappointed, but all is not as it was before.

This time around, a great many nuances from the past are brought to the fore, and this is certainly what should be considered their most dynamic, and, dare I say, accessible effort yet. The catchy hooks that were once reigned in are now literally everywhere, and the choruses, also plentiful, are absolutely huge, with the latter often carrying a strong gospel flavoring. The dark grooves of old sound quite comfortable sharing time with the sunlight freshly peeking through the band’s oft-drawn curtains. This new album is denser than the others, and Lundy delivers what I’d say is his most varied, colorful, and soulful vocals to date. No easy feat.<br>
It’s obvious, at least to this listener, that Shadow Witch wanted a new, perhaps intentionally unexpected infusion of something adventurous, and they have proven themselves more than up to the sizable task on this fourth trip to the studio.
This is a remarkable listen, from start to finish.

Need more proof? Check out the lead-off single “Tell Me” to get a tasty little nibble of what’s going on with the band in the present. It’s AC/DC-influenced anthemic intro and subsequent uptempo groove is not to be denied, just…. enjoyed:

Founded 2015 in New York’s Hudson Valley, SHADOW WITCH is an enigmatic beast of a band, harnessing decades of varied influences with a decidedly “vintage rock” sensibility. Beginning with their first release ‘Sun Killer’ in 2016, and ‘Disciples Of The Crow’ in 2017, the band has garnered excellent reviews from the international heavy music community. After signing to Italy’s ARGONAUTA RECORDS, the band returned in 2020 with their brooding occult-rock ode to obsession ‘Under The Shadow of a Witch‘. This year, again with ARGONAUTA, SHADOW WITCH release their highly anticipated fourth album ‘ESCHATON (The End of All Things).