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We are proud to welcome a new member to their family and high class artist roster, as psychedelic doom blues rockers SHADOW GIANT have inked a worldwide deal with us!

SHADOW GIANT formed in 2015 in the greasy kitchen of a southern Louisiana bar & grill by J. Harrison (vox/guitar) Byron Daniel (Vox/Guitar) and David Carroll (drums) while listening to INXS’ “Kick” and griping about the high cost of living. Taking action and realizing their vision, they honed their sound through local gigging, and easily built a fan base that quickly and eagerly became regional.  They were swiftly invited to play festivals including SouthSounds Music & Arts in Mobile or Heavy Stoner Jam at SXSW.

Though SHADOW GIANT effortly melds psychedelia, doom and metal, their greatest feat is the authentic and emotional experience they evoke in their listeners. A transcendent experience, their show transports and exhilarates while retaining a polished form on tension’s edge – a winged thing that evokes the fall before the flight and just anticipates the mighty soar.

SHADOW GIANT is a band to be experienced. It might be accurate to categorize them as a “stoner rock” band, but that description is too flat and one-dimensional.  Their skill as a band, and the individual contribution of each member creates not only a cohesive whole but also a collective emotion that transcends the genre completely. Their energy and emotional authenticity of their work makes you hover a bit with excitement. They have all of the best qualities of the modern bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Clutch, but they also seem to recall a mystical allegiance to 70’s southern bluesy rockers such as The Allman Brothers and Golden Earring while exuding the sexy swagger of glam rockers like T-Rex.

SHADOW GIANT released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Honkytonk On The Moon’ on Graven Earth Records in 2017, and will be following up with their anticipated, sophomore album on Argonauta Records during 2019.

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