Psychedelic Heavy Rockers Sonic Wolves Reveal Full Album Details; New Single Out Now

Argonauta Records


Psychedelic Heavy Rockers Sonic Wolves Reveal Full Album Details; New Single Out Now

Heavy Rock masters Sonic Wolves are excited to reveal the full details of their highly anticipated album ‘III,’ to be released on March 22 via ARGONAUTA Records.

The new single “Shapeshifter” is now available on all streaming platforms, give ear:

Band comments:
“This new single Shapeshifter, describes an against-all-odds escape of an American man from a prison camp in the USSR, back in the 70s, with the help of the newly found love of his life and a brave stranger willing to risk his own life to send the man back home. This is not the only song from the new album III that talks about escape from prisons. Other songs recount stories of escape from the prison of one’s body or mind. We must say, regarding our songs of jailbreaks, that our intention is not to glorify criminality at all, but rather acknowledge the acts forged in desperation and fear of the prospect of remaining in captivity. The cover of the new album is made by our friend Diogo Soares from Soares Artwork”.


1.    Shapeshifter
2.    O.B.E.
3.    Dead To The World
4.    Dark Recollection
5.    Heavy Lies The Crown
6.    The Ten Doors
7.    Won’t Be Their Fool
8.    Gotta Do It Right

Sonic Wolves was formed in 2012 by drummer Vita (ex-Ufomammut) and bassist/singer Kayt Vigil (ex-Pentagram and ex-The House of Hasselvander), Nico Nigro (ex-Mortuary Drape) on guitar complete the line-up. Originating in Alessandria, Italy, Sonic Wolves debuted in 2016 with “Before The End Comes” and followed up in 2018 with “Sonic Wolves,” including two 7″ singles, “He Said” and “He Said tour ed,” in 2016 and 2017. In 2022 Argonauta Records released a 12” EP called “It’s All A Game To Me”, including two original songs in tribute to Lemmy and Cliff Burton.

Known for their heavy, dark, and gritty sound, Sonic Wolves draws inspiration from 70’s hard rock, proto-metal, psychedelic rock and blues, while infusing a fresh and bold approach. Since their activities began in 2015, Sonic Wolves has played across Italy and Europe, gracing festivals like Desertfest, HEADZ UP FEST, Tube Cult, Monolitix Fest, etc. Vita and Kayt Vigil bring extensive experience, with guitarist Nico Nigro adding a new dimension to their evolving sound. Together, they continue to push boundaries, delivering powerful compositions that resonate with their audience.