Netherlands’ Heavy Psychedelists DRIVE BY WIRE Announce New Album; New Single Out Now

Argonauta Records


Netherlands’ Heavy Psychedelists DRIVE BY WIRE Announce New Album; New Single Out Now

Dutch desert-rockers Drive By Wire have announced the upcoming release of their new full-length album, set to be released in Spring 2024 via Argonauta Records. In the meantime, the band treats fans to a taste of what’s to come with their latest single, ‘Slowrider,’ listen and watch here:

The Dutch Desert-rockers of Drive By Wire offer you an intriguing and unique mixture of fuzz-laden heavy stoner rock grooves accompanied by the trippy, hazy vocals of charismatic front lady Simone Holsbeek.

Simone Holsbeek and lead guitarist Alwin Wubben founded the band in Deventer (2006) writing songs in their basement for the debut album that immediately grabbed the attention of the international press. With Marcel Zerb on bass and Ingmar Regeling behind the drumkit, they are capable of building sonic mountains and psychedelic tapestries of sound.

“Time Horizon” is the band’s 5th album and the follow-up from the release of the highly acclaimed last album “Spellbound” (2018) which was very well received by both international press and fans. (“Drive By Wire conjure some supernatural mojo from the start of “Spellbound”….. the hallucinatory undercurrents of „Apollo” are powerful… one of the best songs the Doors never wrote” (Riff Relevant)).

Soon after that release, the Covid pandemic hit the world and the band used the hiatus to work on film music. They got a few songs used in American TV series such as Batwoman and Riverdale.

Early 2023 the band retreated to a cabin in the middle of the woods. They set up their gear and just started jamming between the trees and under the stars. The result is this wonderful, spontaneous and mesmerizing new album. Very unpolished, raw, pure and with organic vibes.

8 solid songs that take you to a world outside, on a trip through 70′s hard rock and psychedelia. Drive By Wire manages to distill these inspirations into a warm organic sound full of hypnotic heaviness ( Kyuss), and psychedelic echoes of the 70’s (Jefferson Airplane, Heart).

The band has been touring through Europe for the last 17 years, did several headline tours in Greece and Swiss, played most clubs in The Netherlands (Paradiso, Vera, Tivoli) Toured and played with the likes of Kyuss, Blues Pills, Mudhoney, and Fu Manchu. And devoured loads of festival stages (Eurosonic, Generatorfest, Dijkpop and Zwarte Cross).

Make sure to catch them live; experience a trip to your inner cosmos..and out in the sonic desert.

Drive By Wire/untitled (2006)
Drive By Wire/Between Oceans (2008)
Drive By Wire/The Whole Shebang (2014).
Drive By Wire/Spellbound (2018)
Drive By Wire/ Time Horizon (2024)

Simone Holsbeek- Vocals/guitar
Alwin Wubben- Leadguitar
Marcel Zerb- Bassguitar
Ingmar Regeling Drums