Italian PsycHARDelic Band MOONIN DOWN Unveil Full Album Details and Release New Single

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Italian PsycHARDelic Band MOONIN DOWN Unveil Full Album Details and Release New Single

Today, Italian PsycHARDelic Rock band MOONIN DOWN shares exciting details about their upcoming new album “The Third Planet,” earmarked for release on February 23rd, 2024. “The Third Planet” is their new album by Moonin Down, the first of a trilogy that will increasingly plunge the knife into Psychedelia.

The band from Tuscany has developed its own style that does not tolerate classifications, the territory in which it moves is vast and echoes of tribal rhythms, feed and desert wind between the borders of Psych-Rock, Hard Blues and Garage.

At the beginning of the album, the listener arrives from the outside, attracted by a repeated guitar sound, to be introduced into the cave where the songs take shape. The attitude is the immediacy of the live performance, and the production tried to highlight this. The themes dealt with in the texts are intimist: oppressive moods from which to escape, existential reflections, broken dreams, the inevitability of fate; accompanied by social issues and a dystopian vision of the future of the planet and humanity as in the title track.

Album tracklisting:
Dark Sky
The Third Planet
My Moonin’ Down
The Day that David Bowie Died

Furthermore, the band has unveiled the official music video for “Dark Sky.” Check it out here:

Moonin Down is a project by three musicians who have been playing in Italian underground bands for years: Stefano Biagioni (Guitar & Vocals), Fabio Buda (Bass & Vocals) and Alessio Tambellini (Drums & Vocals).
They have always fed on Psychedelia, Garage, Hard Blues, Desert Rock, and the result is a non-stereotypical sound that they call PsicHARDelic Rock.