Italian Desert Rockers FEAR THE BEARDS Sign To Argonauta Records; First Single Out Now

Argonauta Records


Italian Desert Rockers FEAR THE BEARDS Sign To Argonauta Records; First Single Out Now

Italian Stoner Rock band FEAR THE BEARDS has inked a deal with Argonauta Records to unleash their highly anticipated EP.

The first single, “Shame, Rust & Pain,” is out today and ready to grab your attention:

“Shame Rust & Pain marks a significant first step for us, encapsulating the essence of our desertic stoner rock sound and fully representing our forthcoming EP” – says the band.

It’s Friday, January 31, 2014, when, returning from a Red Fang concert at The Cage Theatre in Livorno (Tuscany), Nico, Indi, and Pietro decide to meet the next day in the rehearsal room to form a stoner rock band. However, unable to find a pair of drumsticks, the project stalls before it even starts. Coming to their rescue is Daniele Dubrovnik Walowiz Ragusa, considered by all as the best drummer in the realm that stretches from the obscure hillside roads to the thrilling parking lots of a quaint, aging suburban town in the province of Genoa, Italy. So, on February 6, 2014, Fear the Beards was born.

For the next two years, perhaps in an effort to find their way, they waste a lot of time, mostly playing rough covers, eating pasta with pesto, and navel gazing. In the spring of 2016, Re Giorgio Canali, a guitarist known for his contributions to bands like CSI, PGR, and Rossofuoco, labeled the quartet as “shitty hipster”. Despite feeling both offended and oddly flattered, they embark on composing original pieces.

On February 7, 2018, the band start recording their debut album at RedLand Home Studio, guided by Stefano Malvasio in the Riviera hinterland. “Pigs on Titan” is released in July of the same year. In the following years, they have had live performances at various concerts and festivals, culminating in a resounding evening at The Cage Theater in Livorno.

At present, the band is diligently crafting the compositions for their upcoming full-length album.