German Doom Sludge Duo EPIC DOWN Sign To Argonauta Records; First Single Out Now

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German Doom Sludge Duo EPIC DOWN Sign To Argonauta Records; First Single Out Now

German doom-sludge duo EPIC DOWN has signed to Argonauta Records to release their highly anticipated debut full-length album, ‘Days of Oblivion,’ later this year!

“After releasing the Equinox EPs and the chance to sign with Argonauta Records, we decided to produce an album with almost new material and starting it from scratch. Since we already messed around with some new songs and didn‘t want to only re-release, there was only one way to go. It took a few months to get everything together and after a long summer in the studio the concept of the record started to emerge. With the release of “Days of Oblivion” we now ring the bells of doom again and celebrate the dance on the volcano.” – says the band

The first single, the album’s title track ‘Days of Oblivion,’ is now available for streaming on YouTube:

Epic Down is a duo from Leipzig, Germany dedicated to the sluggish grooves and lumbering riffs of sludge & doom. Founded in the pandemic turmoil of the year 2021, by Mitzschi (guitar(s)/bass) and Fabian (drums/vocals) to musically express the deeply felt horror about the excesses of the established abysses of a consumerist civilization with pronounced destructive traits and a reality marked by war, disease and destruction, and to preserve it as a defining sound of this so-called turn of the times.

Influenced by primal doom, drone and stoner legends like Sleep, Earth, Melvins and Spirit Caravan, the sound of EpicDown is mainly characterized by solid downtempo grooves and rolling walls of guitars, complemented by slightly melancholic vocals.

With the release of their first EP “Equinox Pt1” and its sequel “Equinox Pt2” in 2023, which were only available in digital form, the band stepped into the light of publicity.

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