French Post-Metallers THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK Unveil “The Stronghold” Full Album Details; New Single/Official Music Video Out Now

Argonauta Records


French Post-Metallers THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK Unveil “The Stronghold” Full Album Details; New Single/Official Music Video Out Now

The instrumental post-metal band, The Lumberjack Feedback, known for their dual-drummer setup, previously announced their signing with Argonauta Records for the release of their upcoming album on April 26, 2024. Today marks another significant milestone as the band unveils full details about their new record: The Stronghold.

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows:
1. Kings And Servants
2. Praised The Lord For A Brighter Future
3. Failing To Witness His Mighty Work
4. But All Remembered The Place…
5. The Stronghold

In conjunction with this announcement, The Lumberjack Feedback presents their latest single and official music video titled “Failing To Witness His Mighty Work”:

“The opening is soft and cold, ending with a unifying anthem supported by brass and choirs played by guitars. The Lumberjack Feedback dares to break the habits of Doom and puts emotion forward.” – says the band.

“The Stronghold” stands as a monolithic testament to the indomitable power and fortitude of The Lumberjack Feedback.
This record is an epic odyssey, an auditory pilgrimage through a sonic fortress.
In this album, the band embarks on a sonic conquest, channeling the primal essence of strength and resilience. The tracks are a sonic architecture, built on foundations of seismic riffs and titanic rhythms, showcasing an uncompromising determination to conquer musical boundaries.
The thematic core of “The Stronghold” mirrors the very notion of fortitude, evoking a sense of unwavering determination, solidarity, and courage amidst adversity. The compositions, like ramparts, are impervious and unyielding, yet within them lies a sense of melodic intricacy that echoes the human spirit’s complexity.
Drawing inspiration from diverse sources within the metal spectrum, the album melds sludge’s visceral impact, post-metal’s introspection, and doom’s ponderous weight.
Every track is a sentinel, guarding the essence of this auditory stronghold and beckoning listeners to delve into its depths.
“The Stronghold” is an invitation to embrace your inner strength, to overcome life’s battles with unwavering resolve, and to revel in the unyielding power of music. This album is a symphony for the warriors of life, a declaration of resilience in the face of tribulations.

The Lumberjack Feedback is a French instrumental post-metal band. Established in 2008, the band comprises talented members from diverse musical backgrounds.
Their music is all instrumental, no singer, characterized by heavy, powerful riffs and dark,two drummers, hypnotic atmospheres, creating a unique sonic universe.
The genesis of the band traces back to a shared passion for metal and a desire to create immersive, captivating music. Over the years, The Lumberjack Feedback has honed its musical identity, blending diverse influences ranging from sludge to doom and post-rock.
The result is a complex, entrancing fusion capable of transporting the listener to emotional soundscapes.
Their debut album, “Hand of Glory,” released in 2013, immediately captivated heavy music enthusiasts with its bold marriage of penetrating rhythms and bewitching atmospheres. Subsequently, the band continued to refine their style with albums like “Blackened Visions” in 2016 where you can find Alex Colin
Toquaine from the legendary band Agressor and “Mere Mortals” as a hurricane of power in 2019, expanding their artistic footprint.
Through their music, The Lumberjack Feedback transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide. The band continues to make its mark in the music landscape, delivering energetic and mind blowing live performances that leave no one indifferent.
The future looks promising for this band that has already won the hearts of metal aficionados.