Finland’s Stoner Rockers, KING OF NONE, Drop New Single ‘Low’n’Slow’

Argonauta Records


Finland’s Stoner Rockers, KING OF NONE, Drop New Single ‘Low’n’Slow’

After recently signing with Argonauta Records, Finland’s own Stoner Rockers, KING OF NONE, are thrilled to share an exciting update. Following the buzz surrounding their signing announcement, the band eagerly unveils their latest creation to the world, entitled ‘Low’n’Slow.’

Enjoy it here:

“Low’n’Slow is the second single from our upcoming album and an oddity in our repertoire, channeling our grungier influences while also being an ode to simplicity. It’s easily approachable, but does have its own twists! With minimal lyrics and a simple structure, the song evokes feelings of nostalgia and memories of youth, which most people will find relatable.
The first two singles give you a good representation of the variety of moods for the upcoming album. Some tracks are doomier, while others are softer, and others are more riff-based. We’ve always been jacks of all trades when it comes to musical expression, and are continuing to expand our sounds and musical vocabulary with this album. Stay tuned for more information!” – says the band

KING OF NONE is a stoner rock group from Helsinki, Finland. Formed in 2013, their signature sound fuses heavy riffs and raspy vocals with progressive elements and psychedelic soundscapes. The band retains all its original members from its inception: Miiro Kärki (vocals), Patrick Enckell (drums), Juho Aarnio (bass), Aleksi Kärkkäinen (guitar) and Juha Pääkkö (guitar). With three self-released EPs, the group’s sound has evolved from having a 90s desert stoner rock feel to include more wide-ranging psychedelic and progressive influences from their own musical pasts, while maintaining the same riff-worshipping attitude. They have received attention locally and internationally in the underground stoner rock scene and become known for their energetic and captivating live performances.