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New signing: NIBIRU!

We’re excited to announce that today we’ve a new member in the ARGONAUTA Records family: Psychedelic Ritual Sludge outfit NIBIRU inked a deal with us to release their new album during early 2015! Coming from Italy and formed by Ardath, RI and Siatris, NIBIRU is a massive trio whose sound[…]

SELVA: premiering new album on THE SLUDGELORD!

THE SLUDGELORD is actually premiering the debut album of Post Black/Screamo band SELVA. “Life Habitual” can be streamed in full at this address: The album will be available on Monday October 27th on CD/DD through ARGONAUTA Records. “Life Habitual is a dark brooding musical odyssey waiting to drown you[…]

New signing: MAGI

We’re is proud to announce the signing of the Atmospheric Doom Metal band MAGI, from North Carolina (USA). Founded in 2011 by Brandon Helms (of From Oceans To Autumn and Mountains Among Us), at first it started out as a metal/drone project, then quickly evolved into a full band profile. […]

THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE: new song and cover artwork!

Progressive Avant-garde masters THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE (featuring members of Ritual Drone Doom band SHABDA) reveals the cover artwork of the album “Knownothingism”, which will be released on November 3rd by ARGONAUTA Records. Their brand new song “Mariguanda” can be heard here: Featuring the charming voice of PINA KOLLARS (courtesy of[…]

New signing: DEAF EYES!

Stoked to have inked a deal with Instrumental Post Metal band DEAF EYES! Started as a side project of experimental psych prog metal group Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, DEAF EYES was born in 2013 to explore obscure experimental sounds and atmospheres, a monolithic approach to hard and heavy riffs with a[…]

SELVA: song streaming and cover artwork!

Post Black Metal / Screamo band [‘selvə] have revealed the cover artwork of the album “Life Habitual”, which will be released October 27th by ARGONAUTA Records. The brand new song “Enclosure” can be streamed here: The album has been recorded by Michelangelo Roberti (Mizkey Studio) and Carlo Cremascoli and has[…]

WITCH CHARMER: full album streaming!

Today is the release date of the new WITCH CHARMER album, a stunning work of Stoner Doom Metal with charming female voice and a lot more! Mixed and Mastered by Tony Reed (MOS GENERATOR). Here you can hear the album in full! “The Great Depression” is now available through our[…]


ARGONAUTA Records is proud to announce the signing of the progressive avant-garde masters THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE. The band is actually the ongoing collaborative project involving members of the ritual drone doom outfit SHABDA and a very close bunch of talented musicians that led to a over 15 years activity: started[…]

New signing: NOCTURNAL TRIP!

Today we’ve a new four-piece band in the family: Northern Ireland based band NOCTURNAL TRIP are authors of a stunning “groovy” hard/stoner rock able to blend Sabbath influenced sound, 70s psychedelic hard rock and a unique touch from the 90s grunge scene. Started in early Summer of 2012 by Zakk[…]

New signing: WITCH CHARMER!

After the great feedback received across the board for their debut E.P. “Euphoric Curse“, Sunderland (UK) based Stoner/Doom/Metal outfit WITCH CHARMER follow it up with their first full length record raising the bar on what came before. The band (featuring the talents of Kate McKeown – Vocals, Dave McQuillan –[…]