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New signing: JORDAAN!

We’re excited to announce that Italian Instrumental Post Metallers JORDAAN are now part of the ARGONAUTA Family! Born in Torino during 2009, Jordaan aim to create their own idea of music, free from structural constraints as well as more focused on emotional flows, time, sounds and colors. Jordaan’s music is[…]

OBESE: New Video “Red As The Sun” Released

Dutch Stoner Sludge metallers OBESE have released a brand new videoclip “Red As The Sun”, taken from their new album ‘Kali Yuga’, released by Argonauta Records in June 2015 on CD/DD. Watch the video below. OBESE hail from Holland, they are authors of a crunchy, catchy, powerful and above all[…]

SHABDA: new song premiere on The Obelisk!

Legendary THE OBELISK is now premiering a new SHABDA song from their forthcoming album “Pharmakon/Pharmakos” in full, over 20 minutes, available by clicking here.

New signing: MOUNTAIN TAMER!

Today a new great band is in the Argonauta Records family: MOUNTAIN TAMER, a heavy psych trio, emerged from the forests of Santa Cruz, CA in 2010. The three have refused to set a limit on psychedelic experimentation, demonstrated by their immersive recordings and their one of a kind, hypnotic[…]

BENEATH THE STORM: New videoclip and cover artwork revealed!

Mysterious Slovenian Sludge Doomsters BENEATH THE STORM reveal the cover artwork of their highly anticipated third album “Devil’s Village”, a concept on the cult classic horror movie “City of the Dead”. The new song “At the Hour of 13” is the first single from the album and it is a[…]


Today we celebrate other  twelve months spent together, with 12 great bands and awesome albums! This new sampler is our gift to thank you for the continued support: DEVOURING THE MOUNTAINS VOL.2 features tons of heavy riffs from our Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Drone, Post Metal roster. FREE DOWNLOAD, make sure[…]

SHABDA: Cover artwork revealed!

Pharmakon / Pharmakos is the third album by Shabda, a year after the highly acclaimed psychic journey of Tummo. Voluntary hermits established in the rural countryside of Canavese, Piedmont, they fulfill, with this work, a rite of foundation, emanating their blanket of dense droning sound to link distant yet compatible[…]

RETURN FROM THE GRAVE: New EP and new lineup

Italian stoner doom metal band RETURN FROM THE GRAVE has planned to record a new EP during next August, for a November release with Italian label ARGONAUTA RECORDS. The new work will be entitled THREE(P) and will feature three new tracks, bonded together by a concept. More details, including artwork[…]

BENEATH THE STORM: new album details!

Mysterious Slovenian outfit BENEATH THE STOM is giving final touch to its highly anticipated new work titled “Devil’s Village”, an incredible concept album – based on the cult classic movie “City of the Dead” (starring Christopher Lee as “The Professor”, and Patricia Jessel as “The Infamous Witch”) – and a[…]


As you all know, on April 25 Nepal was shaken from the bowels of earth, affecting 8 million people, more than 5,000 confirmed victims, which could reach up to 10,000 according to recent estimates, as more than half of the population of Nepal constitutes of children. This earthquake is a[…]