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Dark, enlightening foresight into the future of humankind dictated by singer/songwriter Nathan OppositionAncient VVisdom was founded in Austin, TX in late 2009 with the order consisting of Nathan Opposition (ex-integrity drummer 2005-2010), Justin “Ribs” Mason (iron age bassist) on second acoustic guitar, and Nathan’s brother, Michael Jochum (ex-integrity guitarist 2003-2010) on electric guitar. In 2010, they recorded and released a split 12″ EP with Charles Manson entitled “Inner Earth Inferno” (Withdrawal Records), which garnished praise from critics and cultists alike.

The band spent the rest of the year sharpening their blackened craft, using acoustic guitars to give the music an organic connection to the nefarious rites they beget. Writing well over an albums-worth of material, they chose the most appropriate songs for their debut LP ” a godlike inferno” to record at The Bubble, a local, vvorld renowned studio in Austin, TX.

Not unlike early death rock and neo-folkore sound, Ancient VVisdom incorporates electric guitar effects, synth sounds, vocal harmonies and abstract percussion to create a deeper, ethereal quality to their minimalist arrangements. Nathan’s powerfully honest voice is complimented by lyrics ranging from mysteries of the occult, paganism, satanic philosophy, and forbidden knowledge.In 2011 “A Godlike Inferno” was released, as if commanded by the dark one himself.

AVV was hand selected by Ghost front-man Tobias Forge to open for Ghost’s first ever American tour.

The Jochum brothers eventually moved back to their birth state of Ohio and released 33 on Italy’s Argonauta Records. 2019 will see the release of perhaps the bands’ most important release of their career. Entitled Mundus,  AVV has retained some of their trademark sound, but have added a pure “pissed off” edge built around anger and frustration. The band will forever sound dangerous and underground, but Mundus contains tracks that will shift them into the next stratosphere stylistically.