CARCHARODON premiere brand new music video

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CARCHARODON premiere brand new music video

Italy’s Sludge Metal trio CARCHARODON, who just recently unveiled the release of their third album titled ‘Bukkraken’ coming October 26th 2018 with Argonauta Records, have just premiered a first music video with Doomed & StonedDeaf Forever Magazine and Metal Italia to the song ‘U-666’! This fierce track is another anthem the band has now unleashed, with a fast paced intro and a crushing doomy outro in the pure CARCHARODON style! You can hear High on Fire, Carnivore and EyeHateGod on this one, all mixed with the band’s typical macho metal fury. Get some tasty appetizer of CARCHARODON’s upcoming record and watch their brand new video right here:

The lyrics are about a German submarine-crew which hadn’t been informed that WWII was over and kept roaming the seas until they become horny zombies desperately looking for ladies on deserted beaches “dead and reborn/consumed by porn/your zombie playboys are here..” – becoming kings of masturbation “our right arm is tired/the palms are worn out but Torpedo’s well shined.” the band explains tongue-in-cheek. “The video has been shot by our friend Andrea Cipriani, who did a fantastic job and really captured the “live” feeling of the song!”

CARCHARODON started their journey as a power trio in 2003, inspired by a concept of the Nattero brothers (Boggio & Pixo). The band’s intent was to mix extreme metal with the blues and heavy doom tunes. After several demos, split records as well as two critically acclaimed studio albums, followed by numerous shows all over Europe and the States, CARCHARODON are getting back to their roots as a trio thanks to their new drummer Nuzzi, which helped the band record their best sounding album to date

Set for a release on October 26th 2018 with Argonauta Records as CD and Digital Download, ‘Bukkraken’ is now available to pre-order at: