Berlin’s Sludge & Post-Metal Behemoths SHOVEL Share Full Album Details!

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Berlin’s Sludge & Post-Metal Behemoths SHOVEL Share Full Album Details!

Berlin-based sludge and post-metal heavy weights SHOVEL have announced new details about their upcoming, first-full-length album.

The band’s self-titled debut will drop on May 27, 2022.

Ever since their first gig, SHOVEL created an immediate connection with the vibrant scene of Berlin, Germany, and following their colossal demo in 2019, they managed to establish themselves within the heavy music underground. The four-piece connects the immediacy of an intense riffage, existential screams and the elusiveness of otherworldly sounds and atmospheres. Emerging from the mud of sludge, doom and post-metal, their music travels through the openness and freedom of psychedelic textures to end up crawling in black metal claustrophobia and despair with an unconventional and distinct sound. Listen to the previously-released, first single and album opening track “VII-Havoc”:

“A couple of years ago, we started playing together; we were not even sure we were forming a band,” guitarist and vocalist Kostis Benning reveals. “Our sincere experimentation and dedication formed these songs- and these songs formed Shovel. Our debut album is for us a diary of feelings, thoughts and ideas during the years that passed. And all of these were so intense, that we collaborated with people whose vision and experience gave us the chance to form these ideas into the album you are about to listen to. Thanks to all the people that helped us, you that are listening to us and, of course, to Argonauta Records for making this all happen!”

SHOVEL‘s upcoming album was recorded live on tape at Big Snuff Studio, Berlin, by producer and engineer Richard Behrens (Kadavar, Samsara Blues Experiment, Elder). The album was mastered in The Atomic Garden Studio (California, USA) by Grammy nominated producer Jack Shirley (Amenra, Deafheaven, Oathbreaker). The artwork and layout was designed by Etions Formidables.

Slated for a digital release on May 27th via Argonauta Records with physical editions to follow, the pre-sale will be announced soon!


01. VII. Havoc
02. V. Mære
03. VI. Scars of a Dark Past
04. I. The Void
05. III. The Fall of the Sun
06. IV. A Case Against Optimism
07. II. The Lake

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