THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE: new song and cover artwork!

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THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE: new song and cover artwork!

TMK KNOWNOTHINGISM COVERProgressive Avant-garde masters THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE (featuring members of Ritual Drone Doom band SHABDA) reveals the cover artwork of the album “Knownothingism”, which will be released on November 3rd by ARGONAUTA Records. Their brand new song “Mariguanda” can be heard here:

Featuring the charming voice of PINA KOLLARS (courtesy of PETER GABRIEL’s Real World Records), “Knownothingism”  is a work dedicated to all music enthusiasts, smartly moving through touches of rock, psych, prog, jazz, while keeping the sound into the most adventurous fields of laptop experimentalism. The final result is a huge blend of sonorities and atmospheres related to PORTISHEAD, ULVER and MORPHINE universe, a kaleidoscopic outburst of free-form music. Here the complete tracklist and line-up:

Clarity, oh Open Wound!
An Uncontrollable Moment of High Tide
Lhasa & the Naked West
The Ashima Complex

Pina Kollars: vocals
Marco Castagnetto: laptop
Anna Airoldi: synths
Norbert Bieber: laptop
Andy Hogg: guitar on 4
Silvio Sinzinger: guitar on 1, 3, 5, 6, 7
Tom Dinnobl: guitar on 3
Roman Kovacs: bass on 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
Herbert Könighofer: tenor sax on 4, 7
Enomis Reeb: accordion on 1, additional keys on 2, 7
Marco A.: bass on 7
David Piribauer: drums