Progressive Post-Metal Unit NAAT Premieres Haunting New Video!

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Progressive Post-Metal Unit NAAT Premieres Haunting New Video!

Power meets atmosphere, drifting riffs lead into progressive dynamics. Genova- based, instrumental outfit NAAT doesn’t fear the genre boundaries, instead the band moves between post-metal, sludge, ambient psychedelia, progressive rock and beyond. Extensive jam sessions seem to be the motor and natural elixir behind NAAT, who are today celebrating the release of their second, full-length album, titled Fallen Oracles, via Argonauta Records!

“Our purpose is to revise the personal musical ideas and produce a preconceptions-free sound experience.“ NAAT explains. “Between peaks and sudden vertical drops, where the dynamics develop and crumble, we like to lead our listeners into an instrumental kind of “stream of consciousness”.“

To support the album in grande style, NAAT have just premiered a brand new video, to the 7-minute haunting track Liquor. Dive into a deep experience with NAAT, and watch their new video right here:

Fallen Oracles Tracklisting:
1. Sleepeater
2. Liquor
3. Relics
4. The Moth
5. Inner Shelter
6. Ether
7. The Highest Tower

Recorded live at the Greenfog Studio in Genova, Italy, by Mattia Cominotto, Fallen Oracles is out now on Argonauta Records, and available on all digital platforms and as CD at THIS LOCATION!

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