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Spectacular doom metal merges with driving 70s hard rock and classic metal in this inspiring and exciting new release from Italian four-piece Return From The Grave, the band’s second full-length. There are strong elements of stoner rock and hints of post-metal, too, making ‘Gates Of Nowhere’ a wide-ranging musical exploration that is expertly held together. DoomMetalHeaven

POSEIDON @ The Ringmaster Review

Infinity is simply aural alchemy, an exploit to inspire and incite. There have been quite a few very impressive encounters already this year and Poseidon stands right there on the frontline with their staggering triumph. The Ringmaster Review

New signing: NOCTURNAL TRIP!

Today we’ve a new four-piece band in the family: Northern Ireland based band NOCTURNAL TRIP are authors of a stunning “groovy” hard/stoner rock able to blend Sabbath influenced sound, 70s psychedelic hard rock and a unique touch from the 90s grunge scene. Started in early Summer of 2012 by Zakk[…]

New signing: WITCH CHARMER!

After the great feedback received across the board for their debut E.P. “Euphoric Curse“, Sunderland (UK) based Stoner/Doom/Metal outfit WITCH CHARMER follow it up with their first full length record raising the bar on what came before. The band (featuring the talents of Kate McKeown – Vocals, Dave McQuillan –[…]

New signing: SELVA!

Argonauta Records is excited to announce the signing of post black/screamo group [‘selvə], founded in late 2013 by Tommy (drums), Gino (bass/voice) and Ale (guitar/voice), who have previously been in other different hardcore bands in northern Italy. Each member’s slightly different background helped to create their unique sound that goes[…]

Mountains Among Us go digital!

Today we officially release our first album exclusively available through digital channels! US based band MOUNTAINS AMONG US, after releasing their very new work by early June “Commission the Twelve”, are back with a collection of rare material. “In Light Bring Us Closer, in Darkness Lead Us Away from Here”[…]

INFECTION CODE on Echoes and Dust

Looking around through the latest reviews: the great INFECTION CODE write-up on Echoes and Dust! “Italian quartet Infection Code is back with their fifth album and if you are ready for a great ride among pursuing walls of sounds made by heavy guitar riffs, noises and psychedelic spirals, La Dittatura Del Rumore is[…]


Dreamcatcher rapisce per non restituire altro che una nuova dimensione della realtà: quella del vuoto che colma l’esistenza con il suo incessante grido, con gli echi lontani di incubi e sognanti steli spezzati. Magistrale. GQ Italia

Four new releases out now!

This month we got the release date of four new releases, which made us extremely proud to work again with great bands and artists and at the same time so excited to put out very intriguing and epic stuff all at once. “Evil Reflection” by BENEATH THE STORM is the[…]

BENEATH THE STORM – Evil Reflection

BENEATH THE STORM – Evil Reflection Digisleeve CD ltd 300 copies cat. #: REX14 Release date: 2nd June 2014