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“Pick-up” review of the week: SHABDA on LastRites

Our choice of the week is the beautiful ‘in-depths’ review of SHABDA on LastRites: “We were put on to Shabda, an Italian trio of avant-droners previously in Thee Maladoror Kollective, by the princely Matt Fitton over at The Sludgelord. Matt’s got a real knack for sniffing out delectable morsels, but[…]


Heavy Stoner Doomsters RETURN FROM THE GRAVE release the album teaser of the highly anticipated new album “Gates of Nowhere”, out June 2nd. This is something that fans of ORCHID, ORANGE GOBLIN and WITCHFINDER GENERAL can not miss! [youtube id=”a0rF3wVgZrY”]  


Russian Avant-garde, Post-metal band POSEIDON founded in 2011 in the land where, as the legend says, once was Tethys Sea – Stavropol city, Russia – began at the end of 2011 releasing the single “Portals” followed by the single “Lotuses burning in the fire of Hell” in 2012, showcasing more[…]


Musically influenced by artists as AmenRa, Rosetta and Lustmord, DIFLEGER (from Minsk, Belarus) are leading actors of a stunning musical approach combining experimental tunes to meditation, where massive distorted guitars, samples and other instruments are bound together for a unique experience of Post Metal assault. The album “Dreamcatcher” (digitally self-produced[…]


If you are thinking of a band with the Sabbath’s 70’s mood and a metal sound of stoner/doom flavor, you have to give a listen to RETURN FROM THE GRAVE, the new intriguing signing of the ARGONAUTA Records roster! These four guys comes from the lost lands near Venice, Italy,[…]

SHABDA @ LastRites

There’s a current of energy arcing through Shabda’s guitar/bass, sitar, synths, and laptop oms which is plain ancient. It’s primal, evoking an era when decisions were binary, when it was “life” or “death”. LastRites


Drawing inspiration from bands like Tool, ISIS, Neurosis and Cult of Luna (to name a few), what would become KOLOSS began to take form in the late summer of 2007 in Vetlanda, Sweden. Out of the forthcoming, tedious, dark and cold winters their debut, End of The Chayot, emerged. Everything[…]

“Pick-up” review of the week: POSEIDON on TheRingMaster

The review of the week is the stunning 10/10 of POSEIDON on TheRingMaster: “The year just keeps on throwing up unexpected treats and here we have another in the stunning form of Infinity, the debut album from Russian metallers Poseidon. It is an extraordinary encounter which snarls and seduces in[…]

POSEIDON – Infinity

POSEIDON – Infinity Digisleeve CD ltd 300 copies cat. #: REX10 Release date: 7th April 2014

DIFLEGER – Dreamcatcher

DIFLEGER – Dreamcatcher Digisleeve CD ltd 300 copies cat. #: REX09 Release date: 7th April 2014