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New signing: SUMA!

We’re excited to announce we will re-release the album “Ashes” by Swedish beast SUMA! Originally out in 2010, “Ashes” is a monster of granitic riffs, sludge destruction and unrelentless heaviness, engine-eared, mixed and produced by Billy Anderson. The album will be available during Spring 2015 on CD Digisleeve with renewed[…]

New signing: DENIZEN!

We’re proud to have inked a deal with DENIZEN, massive Stoner Rock from France. Formed between Montpellier and Sète in 2003, DENIZEN released a first demo/EP and the first demo/album “Far From Common Strategy” in 2006. Now, after two albums – “Snatches into Uproar” (2009) and “Whispering Wild Stories” (2011)[…]

FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN: the December sessions!

From Oceans To Autumn released “The December Sessions Vol I: Advent”, 6 new songs of a more stripped down/ambient sound. Available only on bandcamp at “name your price”: In the meantime work continues for the new full length coming next Summer!

BANTORIAK: new song streaming!

Psychedelic Doom Rock band BANTORIAK releases new promo clip and full song streaming. “Try to Sleep”, featuring Fabio (EREMITE) on drums and vocals special guests by Rosy (PROFANAL) and Giacomo (ISAAK), is taken from the forthcoming album “Weedooism”, out early 2015 on ARGONAUTA Records. [youtube id=”hezEf7kjzeM”]  

NIBIRU: reissues of first two albums!

Ritual Psych Sludge trio NIBIRU are going to re-release their first two albums through ARGONAUTA Records. “Caosgon” (2013) and “Netrayoni” (2014) got great feedback across the board, being top albums on many relevant channels. With their unique blend of Drone, Doom, Sludge, NIBIRU are authors of an impressive wall of[…]

New signing: BANTORIAK!

We’re excited to announce the new intriguing name in the Argonauta Records family! BANTORIAK is a project by Izio Orsini, involving other Italian musicians, that follows the one vision of an experimental work influenced by psychedelic, doom and atmospheric sound. Beyond genres, it flows as hypnotic trip from the Ganges[…]


“Knownothingism” è un album maturo e testimone dell’ultimo stadio raggiunto dalla creatura Thee Maldoror Kollective. La carne al fuoco è tanta, l’ascolto da dedicare è attento poiché l’impressione del sovraccarico è un rischio concreto, ma il platter vi si svelerà di volta in volta in forme diverse, senza far mancare[…]

SELVA @ Metal Temple

Very good sound quality, in the level we can hear the all musical instruments and arrangements in their due places with no problem at all, even in the wildest and insane moments. Metal Temple


FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN – Autumn | Part 2 Digital Download cat. #: REX02DIGI Release date: 20th November 2014


Born in Torino (Italy) in the mid of 2000s, LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA released their first ep in 2006, allowing them to tour in their country and abroad. With their 2008 debut album Volume I they marked a better refinement of their own music style, also touring intensively throughout Europe,[…]