New signing: ELECTRIC AGE

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New signing: ELECTRIC AGE

electric ageThrilled to welcome ELECTRIC AGE in our family!

Hailing from Louisiana, Electric Age, since forming in 2013, have taken the craft of their sludge and southern metal  contemporaries , and incorporated the dynamics of more traditional metal, along with folk , doom  and straight forward  rock, to create the epic tale of their debut album “Sleep of the Silent King”.

This southern Louisiana three piece outfit are equally at ease finding their groove within traditional song structures to extended  cerebral doom riffing , while never forsaking the simple art of storytelling  in the process.

The band says “ We are excited  to be a part of the Argonauta family, and find solace in being with a label that truly respects the genre and shares in the love  of this style of music and all it can offer. “

In their relatively short career of bringing their live performance to the people they have had the honor to share the stage with, among many others, sludge metal pioneers Crowbar, and thrash metal pioneers  Anthrax.

“Sleep of the Silent King”, mixed and mastered by  acclaimed producer  Christopher “Zeuss”  Harris, is their debut album,  and is a conceptual and mythological journey through the threshold of time and consciousness, into the heart of darkness and divinity, through death and redemption, and finally into the inexorable void.

Argonauta has allowed them to tell their story to you, all there is left to do… is listen. “Sleep of the Silent King” will be available in CD from the 27th of February 2017, preorders run here:

[youtube id=”bOl9zpOJdac”]


  1. The Threshold
  2. Shepherd and the Raven
  3. Robes of Grey
  4. Cold Witch
  5. Priestess pt.1
  6. Black Galleons
  7. Sleep of Winter
  8. Silent King
  9. Elders
  10. Priestess pt.2
  11. Electric Age
  12. The Dreaming