WOODEN FIELDS – Wooden Fields

Argonauta Records


WOODEN FIELDS – Wooden Fields

  • Release date: 2021-10-08
  • Label: Argonauta Records
  • Catalog #: REX240

It looks like Sweden has a new ‘super-group’ to offer, and one that will most likely make every heavy blues, stoner and 70’s hard rock heart beat faster! WOODEN FIELDS, the new fuzzy/groovy rock-trio-collective featuring vocalist and guitarist Sartez Faraj (Three Seasons, Mouth Of Clay), Siena Root-bassist Sam Riffer and Fredrik Jansson Punkka (Witchcraft, Angel Witch) on the drums, are set to release their self-titled debut album with Italy’s powerhouse label Argonauta Records. Fuzzy riffs, piercing guitar sounds, big grooves & soulful characteristic vocals, allow WOODEN FIELDS to take you on a ride between 70’s vintage spheres and heavy yet catchy modern rock anthems. The impressive history and background of all band members may prove they are no strangers to the heavy music scene, and it won’t take long to see WOODEN FIELDS step up as one of Sweden’s best up&coming ‘newcomers’, while not relying on their previous bands’ success and instead showcasing a tireless hunger and passion for pure heavy rock sounds and a hopefully busy touring schedule in the not so distant future.


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