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BENEATH THE STORM – Devil’s Village

BENEATH THE STORM – Devil’s Village FILE UNDER: SLUDGE DOOM METAL Format: CD/LP cat. #: REX28 Release date: Sept 7th, 2015 Mysterious Slovenian outfit BENEATH THE STOM is back with the new work titled “Devil’s Village”, an incredible concept album – based on the cult classic movie “City of the[…]

SHABDA – Pharmakon Pharmakos

SHABDA – Pharmakon/Pharmakos FILE UNDER: RITUAL DRONE DOOM cat. #: REX27 Release date: Sept 7th, 2015 Pharmakon / Pharmakos is the third album by Shabda, a year after the highly acclaimed psychic journey of Tummo. Voluntary hermits established in the rural countryside of Canavese, Piedmont, they fulfill, with this work,[…]

OBESE – Kali Yuga

OBESE – Kali Yuga FILE UNDER: STONER SLUDGE METAL cat. #: REX26 Release date: June 1st, 2015 OBESE hail from Holland, they are authors of a crunchy, catchy, powerful and above all heavy as hell sound! Bringing the groove back into stoner and feeding your appetite with fat tunes that will[…]

NIBIRU – Padmalotus

NIBIRU – Padmalotus FILE UNDER: PSYCH RITUAL SLUDGE cat. #: REX25 Release date: May 18th, 2015 Since their inception in 2012, NIBIRU gave vent to their ritualized improvisation urge. They totally refused the concept of ordinary song form, leaving their energy flow, and channelling that into live recordings. In Fall 2014NIBIRU signed to[…]

NIBIRU – Netrayoni

NIBIRU – Netrayoni FILE UNDER: PSYCH RITUAL SLUDGE cat. #: REX02RE Release date: May 18th, 2015 “Imagine BONG jamming with UFOMAMMUT and that is only a glimpse of what to expect on this psychedelic journey into the unknown”. The Sludgelord

NIBIRU – Caosgon

NIBIRU – Caosgon FILE UNDER: PSYCH RITUAL SLUDGE cat. #: REX01RE Release date: May 18th, 2015 “Caosgon is a stunning album that will astound you with its heavy psychedelic riffs and tribal chanting based vocals”. The Sludgelord

TOVARISH – This Terrible Burden

TOVARISH – This Terrible Burden FILE UNDER: DRONE DOOM NOISE cat. #: REX24 Release date: May 4th, 2015 Based in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) and combining dark ambient electronics, metal guitars and excruciatingly inhuman vocals, TOVARISH explore themes such as bio-terrorism, man-made disasters and paranoia. Glacially-paced, cold, and depressive, their music challenges[…]

BANTORIAK – Weedooism

BANTORIAK – Weedooism FILE UNDER: DESERT STONER ROCK / HEAVY PSYCH cat. #: REX23 Release date: April 13th, 2015 BANTORIAK is a project by Izio Orsini, involving other Italian musicians, that follows the one vision of an experimental work influenced by psychedelic, doom and atmospheric sound. Beyond genres, it flows ashypnotic[…]

DENIZEN – Troubled Waters

DENIZEN – Troubled Waters FILE UNDER: HEAVY STONER ROCK cat. #: REX22 Release date: April 6th, 2015 DENIZEN are massive Stoner Rock from France. Formed between Montpellier and Sète in 2003, DENIZEN released a first demo/EP and the first demo/album “Far From Common Strategy” in 2006. Now, after two albums –[…]


LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA – Vol.II FILE UNDER: POST METAL cat. #: REX21 Release date: Mar 2nd, 2015 Born in Torino (Italy) in the mid of 2000s, LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA released their first ep in 2006, allowing them to tour in their country and abroad. With their 2008 debut[…]