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TOVARISH: cover artwork and song streaming!

Drone Noise Doomsters TOVARISH (from Providence, Rhode Island) reveal cover artwork and premiering their new song “Order 227” on The Sludgelord at this address: The new album “This Terrible Burden” is set to be released on May 4th 2015 by ARGONAUTA Records. Also featuring the stunning voice of Yoshiko[…]

New signing: LOWBURN!

  A new stunning name is now part of the Argonauta family! Hailing from Finland, LOWBURN are an impressive band able to blend the pure stoner rock frenzy to the doomier as well as more psychedelic fields. Formed by BATTLELORE members Tomi Mykkänen and Henkka Vahvanen, LOWBURN born as a[…]

LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA: full album streaming!

Italian Post Metallers LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA are streaming their new album “Volume II”, released on March 2nd. The album is a blast of heavy and atmospheric post metal sonorities, recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Stecconi (UFOMAMMUT, ZU, LENTO) and mastered by Collin Jordan (YOB, CORRECTIONS HOUSE, MINSK).  

DENIZEN: new song streaming!

French Stoner Rockers DENIZEN are streaming today an extract of the new song “Whoresmoker” taken from their forthcoming album: [youtube id=”6ugajoS9yJ8″] “Troubled Waters” will be released April 6th, 2015 on CD/DD by Argonauta Records. The album is anticipated to be a blast of Stoner Hard Rock sonorities, mastered by Nick[…]

ARGONAUTA FEST, May 10th 2015!

We are proud to announce that May 10, 2015 will take place the first official Argonauta Records Fest! An event created primarily as a need to represent “on stage” our musical taste, giving a “live” vent to our first years of life as a label, enhanced by many feedbacks both[…]

KAYLETH: full album streaming!

Italian Space Stoner Rockers KAYLETH are streaming their new album “Space Muffin” here: “Space Muffin” will be released on February 2nd on CD/DD by Argonauta Records. “The album is expertly produced from start to finish. It is loud and crisp throughout as it makes you feel you are watching a[…]

New signing: TOVARISH!

TOVARISH is the new exciting name in the ARGONAUTA Records family! Based in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) and combining dark ambient electronics, metal guitars and excruciatingly inhuman vocals, Tovarish explore themes such as bio-terrorism, man-made disasters and paranoia. Glacially-paced, cold, and depressive, their music challenges listeners with dense, aleatory textures[…]

SHABDA: working on new album!

PHARMAKON/PHARMAKOS is the new spiritual colossus by SHABDA, following the highly acclaimed TUMMO, released in 2014 by ARGONAUTA Records. Two tracks, more than 45 minutes of intense oriental tinged drone/doom for a blowing experience of deep-listening music, tracing a red line between West and East traditions. Featuring their well-known melting[…]

MAGI: full album streaming

U.S. Doom/Drone/Sludge Metallers MAGI are streaming their new album “Forget Me Not” here: “Forget Me Not” will be released on January 26th on CD/DD by Argonauta Records. “MAGI offer a refreshing take on the Sludge/Drone/Post-Metal world. Every musical note and vocal arrangement has perfectly been put together.” The SludgeLord

New signing: OBESE!

We’re excited to announce today a new band in the Argonauta Records family. OBESE is crunchy, catchy, powerful and above all heavy as hell. Bringing the groove back into stoner and feeding your appetite with fat tunes that will leave you hungry for more. The weight and thickness of sound[…]