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New signing: HELL OBELISCO

Stoked to announce the signing of the Italian heavy doom metal supergroup HELL OBELISCO!


We’re excited to welcome in our roster U.S. supergroup BIBLE BLACK TYRANTan oppressive sonic endeavor that features Tyler Smith, Aaron D.C. Edge and David S. Fylstra (members of Eagle Twin, Lumbar, KVØID, Form of Rocket, Minor Fret, Wasting Seasons, Iamthethorn, etc.).


US Occult Rockers ANCIENT VVISDOM joined our family for the release of their highly anticipated new album “33”, following their previous paths “A Godlike Inferno” (2011), “Deathlike” (2013) and “Sacrificial” (2014). From the band, Nathan Opposition says: “Forging ahead, I have kept the all seeing eye on the fallen angel to[…]

New signing: VESSEL OF LIGHT

We’re excited to announce we inked a deal with supergroup VESSEL OF LIGHT, formed by Dan Lorenzo (HADES, NON-FICTION, THE-CURSED) and Nathan Opposition (ANCIENT VVISDOM). “For the last decade since I recorded The Cursed cd (with Bobby Blitz from Overkill)” Lorenzo said “I haven’t really felt the desire to jam[…]

New signing: ZOM

We’re excited to announce to have inked a deal with Pittsburgh based Heavy Rock trio ZOM. ZOM is a monstrous force of heavy rock n’ roll full of stinky, stoner grooves and grab-you-by-the-throat hooks. ZOM goes straight to the gut and doesn’t hold back on its relentless attack on the[…]

New signing: WASTED THEORY

We’re psyched to announce to have inked a deal with U.S. Heavy Rockers WASTED THEORY for the re-release of their highly acclaimed album “Defenders of the Riff”. Wasted Theory was born in July 2012, and raised in the Northern Mid-Atlantic salt air states of Delaware and Maryland. Fronted by Larry[…]

New signing: CLAMFIGHT

We’thrilled to announce to have inked a deal with U.S. sludgers CLAMFIGHT. The members of Clamfight are four childhood friends turned grown-ass men who are almost as committed to big riffs as they are to each other. Influenced in equal parts by their dads’ vinyl, that sketchy older kid from[…]


We’re proud to announce to have inked a deal with Italian Stoner Rockers RANCHO BIZZARRO, the new project by Izio Orsini, who after his debut “Weedooism” with the name BANTORIAK (new album due later in 2018), took the decision to start a new band. RANCHO BIZZARRO is an Instrumental four-piece formed[…]

NIBIRU “Caosgon” new edition

We’re thrilled to announce we will release an extended edition of the stunning 2013 album by Italian psychonauts NIBIRU. CAOSGON is actually a milestone of the ritual sludge scene, been praised by awesome reviews and by massive feedbacks all across the board. Now the album will benefit of a completely[…]

UNCOMMON EVOLUTION reveal cover artwork and new song

Montana Stoner Hard Rockers UNCOMMON EVOLUTION reveal cover artwork and first single from their highly anticipated EP “Junkyard Jesus”. The title track is available here: [youtube id=”tfwybDJAbGQ”] The legendary producer Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Crobot) produced, mixed and mastered this stunning ep made of four songs and based on[…]