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WITCHKISS, new deal

Thrilled to announce a new exciting band in Argonauta Records family: WITCHKISS from the States. Articulate, elegant and ridiculously heavy, Witchkiss are part of a growing movement coming out of upstate New York in the world of crushingly loud and punishing music. Built around raw emotion, sonic poetry and a[…]

NIBIRU, “Netrayoni” remastered in May

On May 25th 2018, Italian psychedelic ritual sludge masters NIBIRU will release a remastered version of their legendary second studio album, “Netrayoni”, via Argonauta Records. Originally released in 2014, “Netrayoni” earned NIBIRU their reputation as one of the most exciting bands in psychedelic ritualistic music scene. “So… Paging Julian Cope,[…]

THERMATE, new deal

We’re excited to announce we inked a deal with THERMATE from Finland! Thermate is a fuzz rock band conceived in Kuopio during 2012. Comprised of singer Arthur Thure, guitarists Mikko Väätäinen and Juuso Honkanen, bassist Jere Tirkkonen, and drummer Kimmo Partanen, the band conjures the sounds of 70’s heavy metal/rock[…]

MONTE LUNA, release date and US tour

Austin Texas two piece MONTE LUNA announce tour dates and vinyl release date of their highly acclaimed originally self produced album. It weaves the epic 72 minute concept album tale of a band of warriors trying to defeat Father Arbitor, a Necromancer who has destroyed their home. Monte Luna “Monte[…]


We’re thrilled to welcome in the family Swedish Stoner Rocker trio EARTH MESSIAH. EARTH MESSIAH born in 2017, when long time stoner fans Mathias Helgesson (Unhealth, Ex Lawgiver) and Patrik Orrmén (ex Fuzztrated, ex Rhubarb Blues Band) met up to write some tunes together. Things hit off directly, and the[…]

HEY ZEUS, new deal

Excited to announce that U.S. Heavy Rockers HEY ZEUS are now part of Argonauta Records family! Hey Zeus were born with the single mission of bringing to life a rock and roll riot. With elements both classic and modern, gripping songs and just enough punk attitude to let you know[…]

VOID CRUISER, reissue with bonus song

Finnish cosmonauts VOID CRUISER announce the reissue of their critically acclaimed album “Overstaying My Welcome”, which received much praise across the whole underground community. It will benefit of an exclusive bonus track recorded specifically for the occasion. The song “Heavyweight Champion of the Solar System” is an impressive thirteen minutes[…]

LOS NATAS, new deal and “Delmar” reissue

We’re beyond excited to announce that legendary LOS NATAS are now part of Argonauta Records family! LOS NATAS is a trio formed during 1994 in Buenos Aires/Argentina. Their musical influences are numerous and varied, having the base of the raw and psychedelic sound of 1970s bands such as The Doors,[…]

ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH, release date and cover artwork

Polish Post Metal / Sludgers ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH reveal cover artwork and track-list of their anticipated album “Re-evolve”. ‘Re-evolve’ is a story of a romantic thinking about the world of peace, respect for human and animal life and earth liberation, meeting the brutality of metal, crust d-beat and harsh but[…]

MANGOG, new drummer and album in the making

After recently completing a run of gigs that included the band’s 50th overall lifetime show, Maryland Doom masters MANGOG are currently hard at work at their rehearsal facility arranging, rehearsing and preparing to record a follow up to “Mangog Awakens” with the new lineup that debuted in September 2017. With[…]