NATURE MORTE, new deal

Argonauta Records


NATURE MORTE, new deal

Drawing on the influences by the extreme currents of the black metal, post hardcore and rock, Paris-based NATURE MORTE don’t fear any genre boundaries. The band’s musical climates of atmospheric instrumentations majestically raise heavy riffs and rhythmic metal grooves to take us to virgin soundscapes: A fresh and powerful experience for all metal lovers and beyond!

Currently moving between the studio and stage, NATURE MORTE have signed a worldwide deal with Italy’s rising label ARGONAUTA RECORDS and are heavily preparing the release of their

first full-length album titled ‘NM1’, scheduled to see the light of day on November 23th 2018.

According to the band and their vision, for NATURE MORTE it is not important to unveil who is this trio behind their music. Who are these shadows on this scene, apparent thanks to the smoke of the incandescent sandalwood? „In the end, we will only interpret what is dictated by this “Still Life”, we will only be the living roots of this Dead Nature, which is Nature Morte.“ the band explains. “But what could NATURE MORTE hope for better than to be on a label that understands its groups as well? The release of the first album on Argonauta Records is the dream treatment that could happen. We are proud to be part of it and we will do everything as representatives of this NATURE MORTE to honor it as it should!“

The tracklist of NATURE MORTE’s debut album will read as follows:

1. Through The Perfection Of Your Nothing
2. Till Love Do Us Part
3. Grief
4. Black Pram

Set for a release on November 23th 2018 with Argonauta Records, the presale will start soon, with many more news and live shows to come!

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