LOWBURN new videoclip premiere on RIFF RELEVANT

Argonauta Records


LOWBURN new videoclip premiere on RIFF RELEVANT

Finnish Stoner Rockers LOWBURN release the new videclip of the song “The Power It Holds”, a lovecraftian journey through mind and space, giving life and form to the band massive sonorities.

“The Power It Holds” is taken from their recent ep “Sleeping Giant” (Argonauta Records, 2018). Formerly composed during the recording sessions of LOWBURN last opus DOOMSAYER (2015), the song has been re-recorded by the current line-up featuring: Tomi Mikkanen (guitars & vocals), Henri Vahvanen (drums), Tommi Lintunen (guitar) and Antti Vesikko (bass).

The brand new videoclip is premiered by RIFF RELEVANT and available here.

The band is now working on their new album, a new huge step into desert stoner rock with cosmic expanses!