KAYLETH “Space Muffin” special edition out soon

Argonauta Records


KAYLETH “Space Muffin” special edition out soon

kayleth_2017_01Italian Space Stoner Rockers KAYLETH announce the new edition of their highly acclaimed latest album “Space Muffin”, with renewed artwork and bonus tracks!

The songs of their third self released EP, “Rusty Gold” (2010), will be added as a special feature to celebrate the great feedback of “Space Muffin” 2015 digisleeve edition, now long time sold out.

“RUSTY GOLD, at that time entirely self-produced, occupies an important place in our hearts for its powerful and mature songs, written and recorded in a moment  of personal growth as well” KAYLETH say. “So, what better opportunity to give you the chance to take home two of our best works?”

KAYLETH “Space Muffin – Rusty Edition” will be released in jewel case, with extended graphic, lyrics and new cover artwork and it will be available from June 30th, 2017 via ARGONAUTA Records.

This is the first KAYLETH big news of 2017, more to come, be prepared!


2.Secret Place
4.Bare Knuckle
5.Born to suffer
6.Lies of mind
7.Try to save the appearances
8.NGC 2244
9.The Electric Tongue Is Coming
10.Rusty Gold
11.Deepest Shadow
12.Oops, I Eat You
13.Old Man’s Legacy