KAL-EL release cover version of JJ CALES’ „COCAINE“

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KAL-EL release cover version of JJ CALES’ „COCAINE“

Norway’s Kal-El is the fuzzed-out step-child of hard rock, doom and heavy metal, with hints of the psychedelic and blues rock. Songs typically feature a bass-heavy groove, detuned guitars, mind-expanding lyrics and fuzz-pedals set to kill. Formed in 2012 and three highly acclaimed records later, the band has now released a stunning cover version of JJ Cale’s epic classic “Cocaine”!

“It’s an undying, classic kickass song, plain and simple.” The band comments. “We have had this idea for quite a while, when we got offered to record a song in the States while touring. We kinda found the approach on how to do it within half an hour, and had a 20sec taped idea when we headed to the States on tour. We recorded it live in a studio with a few members of Wizzerd on various guest appearances, but we wanted to make it even heavier, and decided to record it as a single back here in Norway. The experience with Wizzerd and that old school analogue studio in the California desert kinda set the mood for it, and we will forever cherish those days at Codys house and his family in Visalia. The song is Cocaine, but it feels and sounds like a Kal-El tune now!

Recently premiered with one of the biggest radio stations in Norway, the track is now available for your ears:

Between the studio and stage, Kal-El will soon re-release their back catalogue on Vinyl and CD with Argonauta Records, their brand new and fourth album will be seeing the light of day in late 2019!

Performed and arranged by Kal-El
C3 Hammond sounds by Fredrik Kverneland
Prodused by the Captain & Bjudas
Recorded in Studio Valhalla
Engineered by Ragge
Mixed & mastered Ruben Willem
Artwork by Tangy Zizzler
Songwriter JJ Cale
All rights reserved BMG Rights Management