DRIVE BY WIRE, “The Whole Shebang” reissue

Argonauta Records


DRIVE BY WIRE, “The Whole Shebang” reissue

drive coverDutch Psych Stoner Rockers DRIVE BY WIRE announce release date of their highly acclaimed third album “The Whole Shebang” reissue.

The band is also working on the new studio album, their very best to date, tentatively scheduled by Autumn 2017. More info will follow soon.

“The Whole Shebang – 2017 Edition” will be released by ARGONAUTA Records and available from May 19th, 2017.

Preorders run here:

Make sure to not miss DRIVE BY WIRE “Kerosine Dreams” official video (originally out in 2016):

[youtube id=”_evD8Fq3W14″]

DRIVE BY WIRE “The Whole Shebang – 2017 Edition” TRACKLIST

  1. Kerosine Dreams
  2. Woodlands
  3. The Whole Shebang
  4. Five ft. High
  5. Rituals
  6. In This Moment
  7. River Run
  8. Rotor Motor
  9. All Around
  10. Voodoo You Do
  11. Static