CHURCH OF VOID digital live EP out now

Argonauta Records


CHURCH OF VOID digital live EP out now

Hailing from the barren wasteland of Finland, their relentless live activity put CHURCH OF VOID once and for all on the map as one of the biggest hopes in Scandinavian doom. Founded in 2010 by vocalist Magus Corvus and G. Funeral (Ex-Horna, Battlelore), the band’s first sign of life was the limited EP run ‘Winter Is Coming’. After a 2013 LP, released by Finland´s own Svart Records, and a handful of split releases, CHURCH OF VOID have found a new home in Italy’s powerhouse label Argonauta Records, who released the band’s self-titled and critically acclaimed 2017 album. Drawing influences from the traditional doom such as Saint Vitus and Pentagram as well as grim rockers alike Mana Mana, The Birthday Party or Babylon Whores, CHURCH OF VOID blend their music into upbeat killers, slow-as-snail crushers and vintage hard rock. Today, the five-piece unit has released their ‘Live In Europe’ EP via Argonauta Records, it’s out now on all digital platforms!

Says the band: „Through the years shows of Church of Void have been giving the audience entertainment mixed with confusion while sexual allure and the threat of violence have been hiding beneath. Always giving all we have, shows of CoV are never similar to each other. Now that we are focusing on our forthcoming material and thus playing just one exclusive festival gig in November, the Live in Europe – EP gives a small glimpse of Church of Void’s live sound for those who haven’t witness our live rites in the past. In the near future we will re-visit our hard-to-find back catalogue as well as producing a 3rd album. Hopefully as many as possible will be able to witness and feel us live as we’re just about to enter yet another new stage of the band!“

The tracklist reads as follows:
1. Son Of A Witch
2. The Owls Are Listening
3. Entity Of Kalypso
4. The Hour Is Getting Late

To celebrate today’s EP release, CHURCH OF VOID have just unveiled the live version for the track ‘Son Of A Witch’! Doom into your weekend right here:

Church Of Void “Live in Europe” is available here: ⬇️⬇️⬇️
and via your favorite digital record dealer!