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SEASON OF ARROWS, new song premiere on Doomed and Stoned

season of arrows cover artSEASON OF ARROWS have teamed up with Doomed and Stoned to premiere their moody, occult rock influenced song “The Bridge”. The track’s haunting atmosphere, combined with frontwoman Stormy Wakefields vocals makes for a chilling listen.

Stream “The Bridge” here:

“The Bridge” is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Give it to the Mountain which will be available on March 24th via Argonauta Records.

About Season of Arrows:

Season of Arrows are a heavy doom/stoner band from Nashville Tennessee that was formed in January 2014. The band aims to take the sounds of heavy music and blend it with elements about the darker sides of life, almost like a cross between Jefferson Airplane and Black Sabbath.

The band’s self-titled debut album was...


WOWS premiering new video on Transcending Obscurity

wows-premiereItalian Post/Doom Metallers WOWS release the official videoclip of the song NEMESI, taken from their latest opus AION, out in November 2015 via ARGONAUTA Records.

While working on new material for the new album scheduled during 2017, the band gave us a new taste of their intensity and visual approach.

“Nemesi” videoclip is both a celebration of the album feedbacks received in the past months and a new step by WOWS into the new year made of obscure vibes and dramatic sonorities.

WOWS teamed-up with Transcending Obscurity to premiere this new opus of arcane and enchanting images, for a disturbing journey into human psyche.

About AION, press said:
“Many elitists may believe that originality in metal is dead. WOWS proved that untrue” No Clean Singing

“AION is an excellent and highly...


QUEEN ELEPHANTINE ‘kala’ out today, new single via No Clean Singing

QE-COVERHighly anticipated new album by Providence based cosmonauts QUEEN ELEPHANTINE is available now. “KALA” is a deep journey through drone, doom and jazz/noise sonorities, meditative psychedelic music for your body and mind. The new single ONYX is premiered by NO CLEAN SINGING:

“An irresistible effect on the body and the mind — and one that grows ever stronger as it unfolds.” —No Clean Singing

“Sometimes there’s a band that comes along that strikes you like none before it, and that leads to immense of levels of amazement… I’ve heard the elements in many, many bands, but never did I once fathom that they could all be cohesively brought together in such a mind blowing way before.” —Head-Banger Reviews



indivia_2016Italian Stoner Metallers INDIVIA teamed up with DOOMMABBESTIA to premiere a new song from their forthcoming album HORTA.
Being influenced by bands as CONAN, BONGZILLA and SLEEP, INDIVIA are a stunning instrumental combo with sonorities based on heaviness and psychedelic attitude.
The album “Horta” will be released by ARGONAUTA Records in CD/DD September 26th, 2016 and available here:
Monolith Wielder fav


DSCD 1-A.indd“If there’s one thing Pittsburgh knows how to do well, it’s how to rock.  In the words of my friend RJ who lives in the area, there’s plenty of good rocking to be found in Pittsburgh.  Monolith Wielder definitely fits this description, and while they skew towards the doom side of the spectrum there are still plenty of hard rocking grooves to be found.  Formed in 2014, Monolith Wielder will be releasing their self-titled debut full length on October 17th via Italy’s Argonauta Records.” words by TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY, who hosts a new song premiere from MONOLITH WIELDER forthcoming album.



komatsu coverDutch Sludge Rockers KOMATSU return with their new album RECIPE FOR MURDER ONE, release date Sept 23rd. The song THE LONG WAY HOME is premiered by DOOMED AND STONED.

Doomed and Stoned says abotu the song: “The Long Way Home” begins with a magnetic stoner riff, infectious beat, and gritty vocals (fans of Clutch will dig this). The best part for me is that these guys still tune low that underpins an extremely satisfying chorus. A brilliant vibe best cranked up loud on a hot summer day, brew in hand. Trust me, you won’t be annoying the neighbors with this one; no, you just might bring the neighborhood together for a block party.”



QE-COVERProvidence based cosmonauts Queen Elephantine return with their fifth opus Kala. With a fluid line-up and various experiments in approach over the course of their four albums, Queen Elephantine is a nebulous worship of heavy mood and time. The group formed in 2006 in Hong Kong, but has always been a shapeshifter. At the end of 2007 it moved base to New York and is currently based in Providence.

Kala was produced by guitarist Indrayudh Shome and mastered by Billy Anderson and will be released on October 21st. The excellent two panels digisleeve concept-artwork was designed by Adrian Dexter (Elder).

Listen to the exclusive premiere of the track ‘Deep Blue’ on ECHOES AND DUST.


SUMA, song premiere on THE OBELISK

SUMA promo 2014
Swedish Doom Sludgers SUMA teamed up with THE OBELISK to premiere the first song from their new album “The Order of Things”, out October 11th through a collaboration of different labels:

ARGONAUTA Records (CD), THRONE Records (LP), INIT Records (CD for U.S.A. market), TARTARUS Records (cassette).

The new song “Bait for Maggots” is available here:



THROES OF DAWN, song premiere on Echoes and Dust

tod coverWe teamed up with ECHOES AND DUST to premiere the first single from the highly anticipated THROES OF DAWN album. ‘Lifeline’ is now streaming and can be heard at this location.

“Our Voices Shall Remain” will be realeased on August 20th 2016, in a luxury three panels packaging cared by COSTIN CHIOREANU.

Preorders are running here:

OBESE @ Thy Demons Be Scribblin

I’m dead serious when I say you may not hear a better debut album from a new band this year. Most albums, especially debut albums, have a stinker or two and overall display a band in search of their “own sound” but on Kali YugaObese sound like a band that has been playing and putting out albums for a solid decade at least. From Thy Demons Be Scribblin