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New signing: ZOM

ZOM_BAND02We’re excited to announce to have inked a deal with Pittsburgh based Heavy Rock trio ZOM.

ZOM is a monstrous force of heavy rock n’ roll full of stinky, stoner grooves and grab-you-by-the-throat hooks. ZOM goes straight to the gut and doesn’t hold back on its relentless attack on the senses.

“We are thrilled to join such an impressive roster at Argonauta Records! Argonauta gives us the opportunity to have ZOM reach the ears of people around the world. We put our heart and soul into this album and we’re emboldened by the confidence that Argonauta has in our unique style. We couldn’t be more proud of this record and it’s an honor to be on a strong label with so many great bands.” Gero von Dehn

In 2014, experienced and multifaceted music vets Gero von Dehn (MONOLITH WIELDER) and Andrew D’...

wasted theory fav

New signing: WASTED THEORY

wasted theoryWe’re psyched to announce to have inked a deal with U.S. Heavy Rockers WASTED THEORY for the re-release of their highly acclaimed album “Defenders of the Riff”.

Wasted Theory was born in July 2012, and raised in the Northern Mid-Atlantic salt air states of Delaware and Maryland. Fronted by Larry Jackson, Jr. on vocals and lead guitar, Brendan Burns on drums, bassist Rob Michael, and newcomer rhythm guitarist Andrew Petkovic, this heavy rock outfit conjures inspiration from several of the most hard hitting, dirty blue collar, beefed up rock n’ roll acts of the past 40 years. With influences like Artimus Pyledriver, Orange Goblin, Corrosion of Conformity and Nazareth, the result is a guaranteed truck-ton of boot stomping heavy music.

“We are totally stoked to work with Argonauta Record...


New signing: CLAMFIGHT

ClamfightWe’thrilled to announce to have inked a deal with U.S. sludgers CLAMFIGHT.

The members of Clamfight are four childhood friends turned grown-ass men who are almost as committed to big riffs as they are to each other.

Influenced in equal parts by their dads’ vinyl, that sketchy older kid from woodshop class’ thrash and hardcore tapes as well as touchstone heavy bands like Sleep, Clutch, Neurosis, eyehategod and Mastodon, the band has plied its unique brand of suburban working slob metal up and down the East Coast of the United States since 2005.

The band says: “We’re thrilled to be working with Argonauta for the upcoming release of III. We had a few options available to us however we kept going back to Argonauta because Gero seemed so genuine and honest to work with...



RANCHO BIZZARROWe’re proud to announce to have inked a deal with Italian Stoner Rockers RANCHO BIZZARRO, the new project by Izio Orsini, who after his debut “Weedooism” with the name BANTORIAK (new album due later in 2018), took the decision to start a new band. RANCHO BIZZARRO is an Instrumental four-piece formed by two guitars (Matteo Micheli and Marco Gambicorti), bass (Izio Orsini) and drums (Federico Melosi), with a clear Stoner Desert Rock influence. The original idea takes form from jams run into the rehearsals room, then rearranged in studio where the sound gets a typical ’70 attitude. Be prepared for a stunning album to be released by Fall 2017, with influences from Brant Bjork, MC5, Black Sabbath.


NIBIRU “Caosgon” new edition

nibiru 2017We’re thrilled to announce we will release an extended edition of the stunning 2013 album by Italian psychonauts NIBIRU.

CAOSGON is actually a milestone of the ritual sludge scene, been praised by awesome reviews and by massive feedbacks all across the board.

Now the album will benefit of a completely new artwork, new master and a bonus track from the original recording sessions, previously unreleased.

NIBIRU “Caosgon – 2017 Edition” will be released in CD/DD by ARGONAUTA Records and available from July 7th, 2017.

Preorders run here:


1)Invokation I: the Acid Skull
2)Smashanam, the Crematorium Ground of Kali
3)Aster Argos
4)Invokation IV: Heru , Khentan , Maati
5)Umbra Venefica
6)Invokation III : L.S.D

uncommon fav

UNCOMMON EVOLUTION reveal cover artwork and new song

UNCOMMON EVOLUTION 01Montana Stoner Hard Rockers UNCOMMON EVOLUTION reveal cover artwork and first single from their highly anticipated EP “Junkyard Jesus”.

The title track is available here:

The legendary producer Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Crobot) produced, mixed and mastered this stunning ep made of four songs and based on fiery vocals, big ballsy riffs and grooves thick enough to shake mountains!

UNCOMMON EVOLUTION “Junkyard Jesus” will be released in CD/DD by Argonauta Records and available from June 30th, 2017.

Preorders run here:


Junkyard Jesus
Highly Modified Son of a Bitch
Feather Short of Flight
King of the Heep



DEE CALHOUN reveals new album teaser and cover artwork

dee-calhoun-go-to-the-devil“Screaming Mad” Dee Calhoun, the voice of doom legends Iron Man, is nearing completion of his sophomore solo release, entitled Go to the Devil. The album, which will be released via Argonauta Records later this year, is the follow-up to Dee’s 2016 solo release Rotgut.

The official teaser can be seen here:

Dee will be joined on this album by Iron Man bandmate Louis Strachan on bass. Dee will handle vocal, acoustic guitar, and percussion duties.

Go to the Devil, like Rotgut before it, is being recorded in Dee’s home studio The Dustbuster. Mastering will be handled by Doug Benson at Commodore Recording Studio in Thurmont MD.

The track listing for Go to the Devil is as follows:

Common Enemy
Bedevil Me
Born (One-Horse Town)
The Final Stand of...

red coil fav

New signing: THE RED COIL

the red coilWe’re  thrilled to announce the deal with Italian Stoner Sludgers THE RED COIL. Formed in 2008, The Red Coil is a band author of a stunning and aggressive sound, blending elements from Sludge, Stoner and Southern/Groove Metal. The name The Red Coil is related to the concept of Kundalini, the energy that resides in the subtle body traditionally represented as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine. They are actually in studio recording the new album, scheduled by Fall 2017. Just wait for a blast of sonorities highly recommended if you like Spiritual Beggars, Corrosion of Conformity and Crowbar. BAND OVERVIEW: THE RED COIL released the first three tracks Ep “Slough Off” in 2009...

kayleth fav

KAYLETH “Space Muffin” special edition out soon

kayleth_2017_01Italian Space Stoner Rockers KAYLETH announce the new edition of their highly acclaimed latest album “Space Muffin”, with renewed artwork and bonus tracks!

The songs of their third self released EP, “Rusty Gold” (2010), will be added as a special feature to celebrate the great feedback of “Space Muffin” 2015 digisleeve edition, now long time sold out.

“RUSTY GOLD, at that time entirely self-produced, occupies an important place in our hearts for its powerful and mature songs, written and recorded in a moment  of personal growth as well” KAYLETH say. “So, what better opportunity to give you the chance to take home two of our best works?”

KAYLETH “Space Muffin – Rusty Edition” will be released in jewel case, with extended graphic, lyrics and new cover artwork and it wi...

cities of mars fav

New signing: CITIES OF MARS

CITIES OF MARS_2017Swedish doom metal band Cities of Mars signs with Italian record label Argonauta Records for the release of their new album.

“We’re happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal with Italian doom titan label Argonauta Records for the release of our first full length album. Argonauta dedication and growth as a relentless force in the heavy underground scene suits our own hands-on hard work ethic” says the band.

The Swedish renowned band Cities of Mars has taken the genre with storm with their last EP Celestial Mistress:

All songs are written as a part of an intergalactic story taking place on Mars with a timeframe that stretches from ancient days up until now...