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New signing: SATOR

SATOR_2017We’re excited to announce Italian Sludge masters SATOR are now part of our family.

Formed in 2013 and hailing from hardcore punk background, SATOR love to mix heavy and psyched out sounds.

Following the highly acclaimed debut (released by Taxi Driver Records and available below), the new album is scheduled by early Autumn 2017 on Argonauta Records and will see the band at its very best, with sonorities influenced by both classic and modern bands: from the pioneers of doom & kraut muzik to the modern sludge & post metal.

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uncommon-evolution-webProud to announce to have inked a deal with Stoner/Hard Rockers UNCOMMON EVOLUTION.

Uncommon Evolution hails from high in the mountains of North West Montana USA. Since forming in the Spring of 2013, they have traveled all over the country and had the honor of playing the South by South West Festival in Austin Texas, where they also love to record at the Machine Shop Recording Studio.

With fiery vocals, big ballsy riffs and grooves thick enough to shake mountains, these guys have honed a sound truly all their own, though their wide ranging influences shine through in a cornucopia of flavor.

Most recently, the LEGENDARY producer, Machine (Clutch, Lamb of God, Crobot, etc.) produced, mixed and mastered their new EP, Junkyard Jesus, to be released by Argonauta Records early this Summer.

The b...

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New signing: TUNA DE TIERRA

tuna de tierraWe’re proud to announce we’ve inked a deal with Italian Desert Rockers TUNA DE TIERRA.

TUNA DE TIERRA was born in Napoli (Italy) in the first months of 2013 from the long-standing union between Alessio De Cicco (guitar and vocals)and Luciano Mirra (bass guitar), then joined by Jonathan Maurano (actually replaced by Marco Mancaniello) on drums.

Already authors of the acclaimed self produced ep “EPisode I: Pilot” (2015) and available below, TUNA DE TIERRA are giving now final touches to their anticipated new album, to be released in Spring 2017 by Argonauta Records.

You can expect psychedelic sounds from the desert, wide landscape full of sand at the sunset, intolerable warm atmospheres, lysergic imagination nurturing air...

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New signing: CRACKHOUSE

crackhouse (2)French Doom Sludgers CRACKHOUSE announce the worldwide deal with Italian label ARGONAUTA Records.

Formed in Tours (France) by the hands of Jean-Baptiste Carton, Simon Morlec and Guillaume Vailant, Crackhouse are authors of a stunning Sludge Doom highly influenced by a Progressive attitude  with massive Stoner sonorities.

The Argonauta Records edition of their first self titled EP will be released April 7th, 2017. Made of two long songs for a total running time of twenty minutes, this ep is an incredible work where influences from DOPETHRONE, WEEDEATER and BONGRIPPER collides at best.


CRACKHOUSE “Crackhouse” ep – Track-list:

1. Swamp Widows
2. Serpent Suuns

crackhouse cover

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New signing: RED BEARD WALL

red beard wall

We’re excited to announce a new great band is now part of Argonauta Records family: RED BEARD WALL from United States.

Red Beard Wall was born on the dry, windswept plains of West Texas, at the culmination of 2016. Formed out of a desire to channel his angst, and frustration with the insane reality that surrounds us. With a hyper focus on heavy, hooky, and to the point songs.

Riffs with devastatingly heavy tones, vocals melodies that soar, alongside blistering screams of disillusionment. Influenced by amazing bands such as, Floor, Helmet, Conan, Yob, Pallbearer, Baroness, and countless others.

The band says: “As a band we are extremely honored, privileged, and humbled by our partnership with the mighty Argonauta Records...

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New signing: NO GOOD ADVICE


We’re thrilled to announce the deal with Italian Stoner Rockers NO GOOD ADVICE.

No Good Advice, born in Turin in Fall 2012, mixes the music influences of its members – from Black Sabbath to Kyuss, from Motörhead to Pink Floyd.

They play Stoner Rock with a massive use of powerful riffs and fast rhythm sections.

The follow-up to their first EP “ Prehistoric Overdrive” released by English label RMN Music will be out as CD/DD in April 2017. More details will follow soon.

An official videoclip of the band is available here:


New signing: THREE EYES LEFT

THREE EYES LEFTProud to announce we’ve inked a deal with THREE EYES LEFT. New album will be recorded in the first half of 2017.

THREE EYES LEFT are a Heavy psych doom band from Bologna, Italy. They started in 2004 and represent a breath of fresh air in the heavy psych-doom genre. After a demo and two EP’s,  TEL published “La Danse Macabre” (2013) and “Asmodeus” (2015) via GO DOWN RECORDS.

The tracklist and the title of the new album are still top secret.

They have played a lot of shows around Europe with many bands like Ufomammut, Churh of Misery, White Hills, Belzebong, Dopethrone, Graviators, Greenleaf, Misfits, Ojm, Pater Nembrot, Veracrash, Void of Sleep, Omega Sun and more… Their sound is unique and loud, and it’s dominated by the mighty sound of fuzz.

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New signing: GREEN METEOR

GREEN METEOR 2017We’re excited to announce we inked a deal with Philadelphia sonic space warriors GREEN METEOR.

Green Meteor blends influences old and new into their heavy brand of space rock. Fuzz-saturated rhythms and cosmic soundscapes are charged with melodic vocals to create the perfect sonic accompaniment to their live visual experience.

On working with Argonauta: “When Gero, the high-command of Argonauta Record,s sent us a transmission about a rendezvous between Green Meteor and Argonauta Records in which we would create an international alliance with intent of reducing the cosmos to space haze via super-sonic assault, we were thrilled...


New signing: KYNESIS

Kynesis4Thrilled to welcome to our family Italian Post Metallers KYNESIS. Kynesis was born in Turin in 2016 from the ashes of a previous project, to search a different and innovative sound, getting ideas from bands such as Cult of Luna, Pink Floyd, My Dying Bride, Deftones, Mogwai, Isis. The project has collaborated with various musicians from Turin. Today the singer is Ivan Di Vincenzo, who shares the guitarist role with Luca Braga; rhythmic section consists of Giacomo Grillone on bass and Fabio Losano on drums. In 2014, after releasing a live CD, the band started to work on the first full album “Kali Yuga”, critically acclaimed for its eclectic sounds. The band made a promotional tour sharing the stage with many bands such as Forgotten Tomb, The Great Old Ones and Mortuary Drape...


New signing: NUDIST

NUDISTThrilled to announce that we inked a deal with Italian Post-Sludgers NUDIST, their new album “Bury My Innocence” will be released March 20th, 2017

The project Nudist born in 2008 as a Noise Instrumental Power Trio and two self-produced albums: “Nudist” and “Appetizer for Monsters”. After formation changes, Gabo and France have found in Lore a worthy travel companion. From there they started an evolution, still in place, of style and sound. With the inclusion of vocals, their third album “See The Light Beyond The Spiral” (2015) have resulted in sounds ranging from post-metal, sludge and post-hardcore.

“Do you miss bands like Breach, Knut, Ken Mode? That mammoth and bludgeoning sludge riffing thrown against an unrelenting wall of bleak and blinding hardcore rage? Then NUDIST is the band ...