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 Huge Heavy Doom Sludge from Spain.  First single rotation on social networks:  Recommended if you like: PALLBEARER, ALICE IN CHAINS, DANZIG. TRACK LISTING 1. Shadow Witch 2. Once Human 3. The Firemill 4. Doomsday Cyborg 5. Wish for Dawn 6. Moon Omen

MOTHERSLOTH, revealing cover artwork and first single

[Cover artwork by Juan Camilo Mazutier] Spanish Sludge Doomers MOTHERSLOTH reveal cover artwork and first single from their forthcoming new album. The song “Once Human” can be heard here: [youtube id=”A5tmjyaWstM”] Formed in Madrid during 2008, MotherSloth are authors of a huge and quite original Doom Sludge that with the new[…]

New signing: MOTHERSLOTH

We’re excited to welcome in our roster a new excellent act from Spain: MOTHERSLOTH. MotherSloth is a Madrid-based band formed in 2008. In the band’s style, you can find several influences – 70’s inspired sounds combined with heavy guitar riffs and open chords, blended with spirally progressive melodies. The band[…]